Posted on 03/30/22

Can You Take A Car That Is Being Shipped

Can You Take A Car That Is Being Shipped

You will most likely bring a lot of stuff if you're moving long-distance. It might be reasonable to pack your car with these belongings if you are shipping it. But is it possible to ship a car with personal belongings? Let's look closer at this question.

Is it legal for me to ship things in my car?

The Department of Transportation doesn't prohibit the shipping of a car with personal belongings. Although technically legal, most auto shipping companies would prefer you not to do this. Many companies have different shipping policies so make sure to contact your shipping company. There are usually restrictions on shipping personal items to those companies that allow it.

What are the factors that affect my ability to bring it?

Weight Limit Autocarriers have very strict weight guidelines. Because they often transport multiple vehicles, it is important to pay attention to the overall weight of the carrier. The driver may be fined if the carrier is overweight. Many shipping companies prohibit personal items from being shipped in the vehicle.

Theft Risk: Many carriers are aware of the possibility of theft. People can see into the vehicles if they are open-carrier. It is possible for people to see inside the vehicle, especially if the driver is taking breaks. Personal items should not be packed.

It is not recommended that you pack personal items with your car when shipping them.

It is possible to store personal items inside your vehicle, but this may not be the best option. This puts you at greater risk of theft, as we have already mentioned. Your items could also shift during transportation, which can cause damage to your vehicle's interior and exterior. You don't want your car to arrive late so it is possible for things to get lost. It is best to not pack any personal items in your car during shipping.