Posted on 10/25/21

Shipping Personal Items In My Car

Shipping Personal Items In My Car

Customers often ask us if they can pack their personal items during car shipping.

Even if you are a professional at car shipping, you may not be aware of the potential dangers associated with shipping personal items inside your vehicle. Move Car Auto Transport offers a free service that allows customers to transport a suitcase of up to 100 pounds in their vehicle. However, it is important to be aware of the potential dangers.

Let's look at some of the risks and rules involved in stuffing your car full of belongings.

1. "Below the Window” rule for car shipping

You will need to pay $100-200 more if you plan to ship more than a 100 lb bag during car shipping. This depends on the size and weight of your vehicle. The price will be lower if your car is smaller. To allow transporters to drive your car on the truck, it must not be higher than the window.

This rule is enforced because: To prevent theft.

2. The risk of theft is very high

Car shipping truckers do not travel straight from one place to the next. They stop frequently at rest stops. The risk of theft is high when your car is full of personal items. Passing motorists may notice that your car is full of valuable items. They may attempt to take your items by stealing them. The likelihood of theft is reduced if items are packed below the window.

3. Limits on weight

Car shipping trucks must comply with certain weight limits. Truckers can be fined if your truck is overweight if it has hundreds of pounds worth of personal belongings. You can also endanger your vehicle.

4. Damage to your car

 Let's face it, a car sitting on top a truck transporting cars is not always a smooth ride. It vibrates and shifts so items in your car that aren't contained to a bag or suitcase can easily move around and cause damage. Personal items are not covered by insurance. Your car is fully insured for transport. Personal items and any damage they cause are not covered. You are responsible for the contents of your car.

Although we appreciate the need to ship personal items, it is important to understand why many companies discourage it. It comes with many risks so make sure to understand the reasons why you shouldn't pack your car full of belongings.

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