Posted on 12/11/21

Advantages Of A Single Car Move Expert

Advantages Of A Single Car Move Expert

Dealerships and auctions may not always have large truckloads of vehicles they can transport at once. To keep costs down and meet changing consumer demands, they may only buy small quantities. There are other factors that have contributed to the increased demand for low-volume and single vehicle moves, such as the limited supply of used and new vehicles, and the addition of online competitors.

Single-car move handling is not possible for every logistics company or carrier. Learn more about this shift and why third-party logistics companies with a strong foundation in single-car moves can be a benefit to your business.

Using an expert single-car mover can offer several advantages when shipping a vehicle. Single-car movers typically have specialized experience and expertise in shipping individual vehicles, prioritize the safety of the vehicle during transport, provide tailored service and attention to the specific needs of the vehicle and the customer, and may offer door-to-door service, cost-effective solutions and specialized insurance coverage for high-value or vintage vehicles. They may also have more frequent and detailed communication with their customers, keeping them informed throughout the shipping process. This can provide peace of mind for the customer and ensure that the vehicle is transported safely and efficiently.

Transporting one vehicle can be challenging

Forbes Advisor estimates that the average commercial transport can haul between five and nine vehicles per hour. Shipping just one or two vehicles can lead to delays in shipping. The transport company must fill the multi-level, multi-vehicle trailer or truck with enough units. This will cause shipping delays and make customers unhappy. You may end up paying more if you skip the wait.

Your goal as a business is to focus more on selling cars than on figuring out how to transport them. Many car shippers lack the expertise or equipment to handle smaller volumes at an affordable price.

How can a single car move your business?

You need an easy and quick solution when shipping just one or two cars to or from a dealer or auction. A company that can handle smaller volumes of hauls will allow you to be more flexible and cost-effective, and respond better to changes in transport. By selling cars faster, single car moves can increase your speed to customers.

All of these benefits together will improve your operational efficiency as well as customer satisfaction.

The leader in single-car moves

A reputable auto transport company will have:

  • Dependability in handling single- to multi-unit vehicle movements
  • To reduce your cycle time, you need reliable pickup and delivery times
  • Clear understanding of your needs, and one point of contact to facilitate communication
  • A large network of approved carriers that can provide transport to your location, according to your budget and timeline.
  • Expertise in securing equipment to keep vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles safe

Move Car's 14-year history of moving vehicles one at a time has earned it a reputation for being the best in single-unit moves. We arranged transportation for more than 140,000 vehicles in 2020 and are able to meet the changing demands of dealers, auctions, and other businesses in this industry.