Move Car Is Your Personal Assistant For Hauling

Move Car eliminates the hassle of lengthy bidding and unnecessary fees. Move Car lets you drive on your terms with our True Pricing and quick bookings.

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Move car hauler

Get paid, without the wait.

Move Car gives you a direct link with shippers. You will get paid quicker if you eliminate the middlemen.

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more earining

Less haggling, more earning

Enjoy time with people who share your interests. There are no phone calls required.

  • Transparent pricing
  • Reloads suggested and automated
maximize earning

Maximize earnings

Our ePOD allows you to get paid quickly. Usually, payments arrive in 7 days.

  • Support for unmatched payments
  • Mobile ePOD allows for simple payments
always planned

Always planned

You can plan your loads ahead and reduce deadhead miles

  • Optimization of routes
  • Book two-way

Fully mobile, fully capable.

You can book a load from your smartphone. You can see your True Pricing without having to bid. Move Car makes it easy to confirm your load.

fully mobile


How to book a load?

Can I bid on a load?

Your haul, your way.

Move Car can help you find the right loads, whether they are local or long-distance.

your haul


How do I find the right loads?

How do I get a load on my way back?

AI-powered load optimization.

Move Car uses your load history to learn what you want. You can create alerts for cargo types, home bases and destinations.

AI power load


What type of equipment do I need to have?

How do I get a load on my way back?

Rate your shippers.

Our rating feature allows carriers to give feedback on shippers. This helps build trust among the carrier community.


rate your shipper


What is a shipper rating system?

What kind of support can I expect from the Move Car team?

simple but powerful

Simple but powerful

You can take complete control of the business you manage from your smartphone. All your business needs can be met in one place: plan, book, manage, and get paid.