Posted on 01/11/23

Auto Transport With Door To Door Service

Auto Transport With Door To Door Service

A new way to transport vehicles across the country is becoming more attractive, in addition to all the benefits that modern mobility offers your family. Many Americans are considering using or considering door-to-door car transport.

Many Americans are hesitant to move their car to another location because of the cost and practicality. Move Car can help you answer all your questions about auto transport from one location to another.

How to Transport Autos Door-To-Door

We need to first answer the question, "What is door to door auto transport?". If your vehicle is accessible for an 18-wheeled carrier, we will pick it up from you and deliver it to you. It couldn't be simpler!

This car shipping service can be used for what purpose? These are just two options:

First, surprise someone with something. Imagine your grandmother, or your 18-year-old daughter, waking up to find a brand-new vehicle outside their house. This gift will be remembered forever.

Door-to-door transport is also useful for another event, which is increasing in frequency each year. Half of American families spend their year traveling to different places, sometimes at different ends of America. This practice began with retired people moving with the seasons to enjoy consistent weather. For example, half of the year is spent in the northern states while the other half is in southern California or Florida.

These "snowbirds", however, are not the only ones who like to split their year between different parts. People travel to other parts of the United States to visit their family or to explore new areas. It is much more convenient to transport the family car with an auto transporter and fly to the destination.

Transport methods from Door to Door

Two methods are available to transport vehicles cheaply from one location to the next. Car carriers are everywhere on the roads. These "open carriers" are used by dealers to transport vehicles from ports or factories to their lots. Open carriers are used to keep cars in place by attaching them to the frame with a series of chains.

The enclosed carrier is the second option. You may have seen them on the road but you didn't realize that they also included automobiles. Our enclosed carrier service allows autos to be tethered inside the container using soft straps. The enclosed carrier option, which is more expensive, protects your car from dirt, debris, and other damage.

What are the Pros and Cons of Door-To-Door Auto Transport?


  • Depending on your location and the rules that apply, we will deliver your car either to your home or to a nearby address.
  • During transport, we add very little or no mileage.
  • The vehicle is checked at the time of pickup to make sure it arrives in the same condition.
  • Move Car fully insures all vehicles.


  • Sometimes the delivery address may not be at your doorstep. There are regulations in some states and communities about how large trucks can be moved. You should verify the delivery locations.
  • It is possible to get door-to-door service if you live in an area that an 18-wheeler can't deliver. However, this will still be possible, though it may cost more. Although it is possible for carriers to work with local flatbed service providers to deliver your vehicle to your home, this can be costly. Talk to one of our representatives about your options.
  • Delivery times may be delayed by mishaps. If natural or man-made issues delay the delivery of your vehicle, be prepared to adapt.

Do You Need Door-To-Door Car Transport?

The final decision is up to you: rent a car in your new location, drive across the country, or have us move your vehicle. Check out our delivery history, delivery methods, and the overall reputation for vehicle shipping companies. To get an estimate on your move, you can use our Quote Calculator so that you know what to expect.