Posted on 11/25/21

Shipping Your Car To A US Port

Shipping Your Car To A US Port

It can be difficult to learn the basics of shipping your car overseas. It doesn't have to be difficult if you know the basics.

Transporting a car from the U.S.

  • To allow accurate inspection at the port of origin, vehicles must be in good working order and free from leaking fluids.
  • Cleansing should include emptying all compartments (trunks, glove compartments, center console, door pockets, etc. Vacuum all interior compartments, including seats.
  • The exterior should be thoroughly cleaned, with special attention to the engine compartment, tires, and undercarriage. It is recommended to use pressure washing or steam cleaning.
  • To ensure that your vehicle is clean and free from dirt, mud, or seeds, inspect it thoroughly.

To ensure safety and mechanical problems are fixed, we recommend that vehicles be serviced before shipping. Make sure you check your fuel and batteries. This is particularly important if your plan is to pick up your car.

Many ports require that you can drive your vehicle off the premises.

  • Before shipment, the alarm system must be disconnected. Non-compliance is not a reason for most ports to be liable for any mechanical or electronic problems.
  • Before shipping, personal items must be removed. It is okay to ship items that are permanently mounted, attached to the vehicle, or an integral part of it. Examples include spare tires and jacks, infant car seats, spoilers, factory-installed roof racks. You cannot ship items that are removable or not bolted or mounted to the vehicle with them.
  • You must attach your motorcycle to the ship, or use a skid. You may be able to borrow a skid from many ports. Get in touch with the port. Many ports may ban crated motorcycles. This should be checked with your port.
  • You can always ship your vehicle to the port. For your ro-ro (roll-on-roll-off) vehicle transport, you'll want to hire a reliable company. Move Car Auto Transport can help you.

Delivery requirements

You have met all the requirements to ship your vehicle. You now need to pick up your POV. You will need:

  • Copy of your Vehicle Registry
  • Photo ID / Drivers license 
  • A copy of the Booking Confirmation form or Booking Number.
  • All keys to your vehicle (ignition and trunk, glove box, gas tank, and any other locked compartments).
  • Inspections are performed on-site.
  • You will need to sign a notarized letter authorizing the person responsible for picking up the vehicle if you are not the one who will do it.

Now that you are familiar with the basics, you can keep your cool and keep it moving.

We wish you a happy voyage and welcome any questions.