Posted on 02/17/22

9 Biggest Car Shipping Myths Revealed

9 Biggest Car Shipping Myths Revealed

For those with little experience in car shipping, it can be confusing and daunting. When it comes to things like shipping a car, many people accept the opinions of their friends and colleagues as facts.
This can lead to information that isn't entirely accurate or not true at all. It is difficult to tell the difference between truth and false, or what lies in the middle.

We decided to dispel the top 9 myths surrounding car shipping. So you can make sure you understand everything you need to know about auto shipping before you decide on shipping your car.

Car shipping is generally easier and more straightforward than most people believe.

Myth: Shipping a car is more expensive than driving it yourself

This myth is because people don't factor in all the details when making estimates. You may need to stay several nights at a hotel while on your trip. You will also need to service your car sooner and more frequently if you drive these long distances.
Here's an example of what we mean.

It would have cost $1,250 to ship a 2012 Toyota Corolla between New York City and Los Angeles in June 2022.

You could drive the same distance in the same car at once

  • You would pay $275 for gas.
  • Tolls will cost approximately $50.
  • You would need to stay at a hotel for four nights if you drove for ten hours per day. A 2021 study found that the average overnight hotel cost in major cities was $260. If you stayed in smaller cities, hotels would likely have been slightly cheaper. Let's say that each night costs $150. This is $600 in total.
  • AAA states that an average Sedan will cost 5.06 cents per mile for maintenance. Los Angeles to Los Angeles took 2,790 miles. This brings the average maintenance cost to the trip to just above $140.
  • AAA also states that tire costs are less than one cent per mile at 0.97c. This adds up to 27% for the trip.
  • You'll also need to eat on your trip. A 2017 study found that the average American pays $12.75 for a meal taken out. Assume you're a bargain hunter and only spend $10 per meal while on vacation. This is $30 per day for four and a quarter days, which works out to $135.

Add all that together, it works out to $1227, which is slightly lower than the $1,250 shipping cost. This means that you could drive for nearly five days and save $23. Keep in mind that our estimates for driving were very conservative, so the total cost of your trip could easily have been higher.

Also, we didn't consider the possible cost of not working five consecutive days. This could easily run between $500 and $1000 depending on your salary. Your true cost of driving to Los Angeles could easily be $3,000.

Myth: It is difficult to get ready for your auto transport

It is very easy to prepare for your car shipment. You will only need to do a few things before your driver arrives to collect your car.

Make sure these things are done before your auto carrier comes to pick up your car.

  1. Have your car checked by a mechanic. This is the most important step. It is important to make sure there are no fluid leaks and that your battery is working properly. Also, ensure that your tire pressure is correct.
  2. Take your personal items out of the car. Shipping insurance does not cover personal items left in the vehicle for transport. If they are lost or damaged, you will need to replace them.
  3. get the car's exterior cleaned Your driver will inspect the vehicle for any pre-existing damage. This will take longer if your car is filthy.
  4. Keep your license handy - Your driver will ask you to bring your valid license when you pick up your car. Without this, they will not be allowed to pick up your car.
  5. Take out any parking or toll tags from your car. These items can be activated during shipping, and you may end up paying completely unnecessary toll fees if they are not removed.

Myth: Car shipping cannot be trusted

It is safe to ship your car. Auto transport companies move thousands of cars each year without causing damage. Move Car does not differ.
Yes, it is possible for a vehicle to sustain minor damage in some cases beyond the control of the transporter. Shipping insurance is there to protect your vehicle and you in the rare event that it does get damaged.

To see if there are many people who claim their cars were damaged, you can also look at reviews about individual shipping companies. Sites like Google, Consumer Affairs, and Transport Reviews can be used.

Myth: Shipping quotes for cars are inaccurate

As long as the quote is accurate, and it comes from a reliable company, a car shipping estimate will be provided. Sometimes the quote will match your final shipping cost, while other times it may be a little higher. The quote you receive will be accurate no matter what.
This is unfortunately the nature of the auto transportation industry. The calculation of the cost of your car shipping can be subject to many variables. Prices may vary from the time you receive the quote to the actual time of transport.

Any legitimate car transport company will tell you the same. If they claim that their quotes are 100% guaranteed, it is likely that they will try to con you into paying an excessive amount of money later during your car shipment.

To verify the validity of a quotation, you can simply get quotes from other companies to see how similar they might be. You may have a problem with the quote you got if it is different from others.

Myth: When shipping your vehicle, you should always choose the lowest price quote

It is important to not choose a car shipping company based on their lowest price. There are many companies in the auto transport business that use "bait-and-switch" tactics to gain customers. A lot of companies will offer you low prices and then demand that you pay more once they have your car.

Look for a company that has good reviews online and offers a reasonable price compared to other companies. You don't want to save a few dollars by selecting a company that doesn't take care of your vehicle or charges you a lot of hidden fees.

Myth: Cars can't be shipped if they aren't running

Shipment is possible for cars that aren’t in operation. It will be more expensive and take longer. Move Car can still ship inoperable vehicles.

It is more expensive and will take longer to ship because it requires extra work and effort on the part of the carrier. You will also need a different type of auto hauler, which is more difficult to find than regular ones.

A driver who has an auto hauler with a winch equipped is required. A forklift is also required if the regular auto hauler does not have a winch.

This does not mean that inoperable vehicles cannot be shipped, but there will be an extra cost.

Myth: Auto transport reviews are not reliable

Online reviews of car shipping companies are available on a number of trusted review sites. Google is generally considered to be the most reliable of these review sites. Transport Review is a great resource for information about car shipping.

If you're looking for reviews about a car shipping company, make sure you read multiple reviews to get a better understanding of the company's customer service.

Myth: Car shipping companies cannot ship cars

Another myth about car shipping companies states that they can only ship cars. This might be true for some companies. Move Car can ship cars and heavy equipment, as well as motorcycles, boats, RVs and boats. Move Car has a variety of carriers that can ship vehicles of all kinds.

Myth: There aren't many differences between auto transport companies

People often think of similar services like Uber and Lyft as being very similar. Car shipping is different as companies may offer different services or have different reputations. While some companies may be able to ship large vehicles, others might not. You can read customer reviews on Google and other sites to find out what people think about the experience with car shipping companies you are considering.

There are subtler differences among car shipping companies. Some companies, such as Move Car, offer instant online quotes. Others will call or e-mail you later with your quote price.

Every auto transport company operates in its own way. Choose a company you are comfortable with and can trust.


Many myths and misconceptions surrounding auto transport can make you believe it isn't worth the cost to ship your vehicle. It is possible to believe that driving your car to the destination directly will save you time, money, and frustration. However this is rarely true.

You can call the company to ask about price or safety and you can also do your research online. Auto transport is a long-standing and highly successful industry. Every year, thousands of cars are safely and securely shipped.

Move Car is the best car shipping company in the area if you are looking to ship your vehicle. For a free quote, call us.