Posted on 11/29/21

Top 8 Auto Transport Review Websites

Top 8 Auto Transport Review Websites

One of the most important steps in your search for an auto transport company is to look online at reviews from previous customers. There are many review sites that offer hundreds of customer reviews, each with a multitude of ratings and reviews.

It is important to know that review sites can have a lot of clutter. You may be surprised at the number of reviews for auto transport companies that are basically ineffective. Five-star reviews without explanation are almost as useless as one-star reviews with no explanation. While most reviews are written by actual customers who have used the company they reviewed, there may be some questionable reviews.

We know how important reviews are when it comes to choosing an auto transport company. This is why we created this guide to the top review sites. These websites are where you will find the most reliable reviews, often because the reviewers have been vetted. They also provide all the information you need when you are looking for an auto transport management company.

These are the best sites to use

Many review sites allow you to sort reviews about auto transport companies in different ways. You might want to only see companies in a particular service area, or only those that are nationwide. Some sites allow you to see only three-star reviews or five-star reviews. Some websites rank transporters according to the number of positive or negative reviews that they have received. This gives you a quick overview of their reputation. These details will help you select a company but don't rely too heavily on reviews.

These are some tips that will help you make the most of the sites.

Take a look at the reviews of a company. More reviews mean a better ranking. A lot of reviews, like Move Car's on Transport Reviews, will give you a more accurate picture than a few reviews.

Recent reviews should be given more weight. Companies change over time. Therefore, glowing reviews from years ago should not be given more weight than reviews from the past few days or weeks.

Search for reviews left by people just like you. For instance, if you have to ship an antique car or a valuable vehicle, the best reviews to look for are those left by people who shipped classic cars, race cars, or luxury cars.

Look beyond extremes. Be wary of reviews that seem so positive or negative they almost look fake. You should read about the middle of most customers' experiences.

Be aware of jargon. If reviews contain a lot of industry terms or details that most customers wouldn't even consider, it is possible they were written by a PR company or representative of the company.

Search for common themes. Take the reviews seriously if a lot of reviewers have shared similar experiences, had the same problems, or offered the same compliments. Do not assume your experience will be unique.

Let's now take a look at the top 8 review sites for auto transport.

Transport Reviews

Many people begin their search for reviews about auto transport companies here. There are over 200,000 reviews for 4,100 auto transport companies on their site. Transport Reviews is a valuable resource because only genuine customers can leave reviews. Transport Reviews can verify reviews by submitting order details. If a company flags a review that was posted by a noncustomer, Transport Reviews will investigate to see if it is genuine. Fictitious reviews or non-customers will be removed quickly from the site.


The Better Business Bureau is not just a place to complain. The site is used by consumers to not only leave negative reviews but also to highlight great service. Their search function allows you to find companies and read positive, negative, and neutral reviews. To get an idea about the experiences of our customers, you can look at Move Car Transport reviews from the site.

Before being posted online, these reviews are reviewed by Better Business Bureau staff members. The Better Business Bureau will contact both the customer and the business to verify the legitimacy of reviews. This means that you can rest assured that the reviews you are reading are true.


Trustpilot is a trusted review site that people use to shop for everything from wedding venues and auto transport. It has zero-tolerance for fake reviews. A dedicated compliance team works around the clock to detect fake reviews. They even have a dedicated compliance team that works around the clock to identify fake reviews.

My Moving Reviews

This website is primarily for moving companies but it also features reviews of auto transport companies. Most moving companies do not transport cars so most people will need to hire a separate service for shipping their car. To search for companies in your state, click the Auto Transporters tab. Move Car is one example of a company that ships anywhere in the United States. Other companies ship only locally. 

Reseller Ratings

ResellerRatings has reviews for service providers too, so don't be fooled by the name. It gathers customer shopping experiences and puts them together into a 10-star rating system. This can be more useful and specific than the 5-star rating. ResellerRatings allows businesses to flag fraudulent reviews and works directly with them in order to source reviews from verified customers that have actually purchased products or services.


Facebook used to allow users to leave reviews on business pages. However, there wasn't a system for moderation or fraud. Recommendations are what they have replaced the reviews. No more star ratings. Instead, customers who have had a positive experience with a business are asked to rate it and share additional information (minimum character count) about their experience.

This goal is to encourage users to write more genuine reviews and more like word-of-mouth recommendations. Scroll down to see our recommendations.


Nearly every auto transport company has reviews that customers have posted on Google. These reviews can be found in two ways. You can start by searching Google for the company name and scrolling down through the results to find the local results. These results are paired with small maps. Clicking the company name will bring you to a second page that has a larger map. You'll find a link to the reviews under the company name. You can also search for the company name in Google Maps to locate Google reviews.

You can sort Google reviews according to most relevant, newest, or highest ratings. Google may also display ratings and names of other auto transport companies within the same results. This allows you to quickly compare the performance of two or more companies.


Twitter is a review site. It is not, but it was included on this list as it is a great resource for finding out about the reputation of auto transport companies. Twitter, like Facebook, is another popular social media platform that people use to contact a company and share their experiences with the company.

You can quickly search Twitter for customer reviews and general opinions about most companies. You can search for company names and @ mentions but also hashtags such as #companynamerules or #autotransport.

How to spot fake car transport reviews

We recommend that you read more than just reviews about auto transport companies when making a decision. There are false positive and false negative reviews online. We like these sites because they are impartial. To prevent fake reviews (or quickly remove them), reviewers must post under their real names (as with Facebook), or reviews can prompt discussion that is more eye-opening and informative than the original review (which is often what happens on Twitter).

To help you avoid being deceived by fake online reviews, we have created a detailed guide. While word of mouth is a good starting point for researching auto transport companies and should not be your only guide, reviews should not be the only thing that guides you. You must use your judgment and do your research.

Choose a reliable auto transport company

There are many auto shippers available. The challenge is not finding one but rather choosing which ones will deliver. Although it may seem like all shippers are the same, the truth is that there are very few auto transport companies that truly care about their customers, like move car. They work hard to earn good reviews and provide excellent service.

When you are looking for auto transport companies, think about these questions: What promises is the company making? What are their charges? Is the price quoted the final price? Are they pushy? Do their reviews speak for themselves? Is the website legitimate? Are they helpful? Are they friendly? Do they have proof of insurance and registration? Do their policies seem clear?

These questions can take some time, but your vehicle is likely one of your most important assets. It is crucial to find a reliable shipper and feel confident in the one you choose. Reviewing is just one step.