Posted on 01/04/22

Bill Of Lading

Bill Of Lading

What does a Bill of Lading mean?

A Bill of Lading (or B.O.L.) is an official document that a carrier uses to identify the cargo being shipped and acknowledge receipt of it. It was originally used for international trade, primarily to identify ships and boats that are being transported by sea. A boat is sometimes referred to by the term "shipped", which refers to the cargo being transported.

Bill is an alternative to the invoice. The Old English word hladen, and the Dutch loading are the sources of the word "Lading". It means "loading". It literally refers to loading cargo onto a ship. The "Bill of Lading" could also be called "Invoice for Cargo", which would be the exact same thing. To officially document the trade agreement, a Bill of Lading document is sent with the cargo. It clearly identifies the cargo being transported as well as what is expected in exchange for the service.

How a Bill of Lading is Used Today

Bill of Lading does not only refer to sea transport. This term is now used or borrowed to cover all modes of cargo transport, including air and land. Any trucking company that delivers cargo to any part of the world will likely produce a Bill of Lading. This document identifies the cargo being transported, its quantity, and the quality characteristics of the goods. If necessary, it can be transferred from shipper to shipper in order to deliver the goods to the buyer or receiver. After inspection, the Bill of Lading will be signed by the receiver upon delivery. Most commonly, both parties will have a signed copy to prove the delivery of cargo.

How Car Transporters Use a B.O.L.

A car shipping bill of lading (or B.O.L.) is an official document that a carrier uses to identify the vehicle being shipped and to acknowledge receipt thereof. This Bill Of Lading is the same as any other. It is easy to substitute "vehicle", for "cargo" and it will still read the same as the original definition. This is how a typical BOL for car shipping might look.

Bill of Lading Information
Move Car Auto Transport.
 440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale California 94085 USA  
Phone 478 227 6683

Order ID:727569

Name of the Customer: jones.

Date Assigned8/15/2021

Estimated Pickup Date:8/16/2021

Estimated delivery date:9/3/2021

Year: 2017| Make: Ford | Model: Mustang Coupe | Transport: Open | Operating Condition: Running

The Driver's Fee: $1,000.00 COD

(Cash or money order, at customer discretion, made payable to the delivery company)

Dates Available 8/16/2021

Pickup From

Contact Name: Jerry

Address:5517 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98686
Type of location: Residential

Telephone 1:555 867 5345 (Mobile)

Deliver To

Name of the Contact: Barry

Address:16 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Type of location: Residential

Telephone 1:555-867-5387 (Work)

Carrier assigned:

Carrier Coast To Coast Auto Transport. Phone 555-867-533o9

By accepting this load, regardless of signature …

1. Flatbed Trailer Required: The carrier agrees that our customer's vehicle will be transported on a trailer or flatbed and not behind the truck.

2. Door to Door: The carrier agrees that the vehicle will be shipped door to door, or as close as possible to the terminal. Move Car Auto Transport must also inform our mutual customers promptly about any delays in shipping or delivery.

3. Storage: If the customer cannot accept delivery between 7 am and 9 pm or is unavailable or unready for delivery, the carrier will instruct the carrier to store the vehicle in a reasonably priced storage facility near the delivery location (at the customer's expense) and wait until the customer pays storage facility and carrier’s BOL fees. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused.

4. No Additional Charges: The carrier agrees to not charge our mutual customers any additional fees (i.e. Moove Car will not charge a fuel surcharge unless otherwise agreed to.

5. No dry run fee: Carrier must call mutual customers to verify all information. Carrier is aware that Move Car doesn't pay dry run fees.

6. Cancellations - Move Car won't dispatch to any carrier that regularly cancels loads or fails notify us about problems with pickup or delivery. To cancel the load for any reason, the carrier must contact us LIVE. We will not do business with you if you don't.

7. Insurance/License: The carrier confirms that his DOT/MC license is current and that he has at least $50,000 of cargo insurance. Carrier grants permission to Move Car Auto Transport, upon mutual request, to submit an insurance claim at Carrier's insurance agency.

8. No Third Parties: The carrier agrees to not broker this load to any other party and acknowledges the possibility of terminating their working relationship with Move Car Auto Transport.

9. Soliciting Customer We send surveys to our mutual customers. We will stop sending out mail to any carrier/driver if we find out that our mutual customer was solicited.

10. Common Courtesy We will not do business with any carrier if the customer calls us in the middle of the night unless that is requested by them. We expect professionalism in communication and behavior toward customers.

11. Door-to-Door Service: This door-to-door service is available. We will not do business with any carrier that attempts to lure customers into meeting them far away. It should be door-to-door. Deliver as close as you can.

A bill of lading is a document that identifies the cargo being shipped and the terms. It should be clear and concise so there are no misunderstandings. This Bill of Lading demonstrates this and more. It also dictates conduct guidelines for the carrier.

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