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Move Car voted #1 in Tacoma as the best auto transport services company.

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Tacoma, located in Pierce County, is one of the most populous cities in Washington State. It's located on the Puget Sound, about half an hour from Seattle. It is about the same distance as Olympia, the state capital. Mount Rainier is approximately an hour away. Tacoma is home to close to 200,000 people and is the second-largest city on the Sound. The region is an economic hub and has over a million people. Tacoma was named one of Washington's most livable cities.

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Car Shipping Companies Near Me

Are you looking for auto transport companies in Tacoma? Tacoma, with its population of just over 222,000, isn't an untapped hub for business and culture in Washington. Expedia and Intel have their headquarters here. Famous artists also set up shop along these streets. The ecological diversity is amazing. Take in all the great things Tacoma has for you by car. Check out our directory and compare prices to find companies such as Move Car that will deliver your car to Tacoma. You can live the Pacific Northwest lifestyle by creating your own adventures.

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Tacoma Vehicle Transport Companies

Remember these things before you ship your vehicle to Tacoma


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  • Ask lots of questions upfront: Before you sign the contract, it is important to determine if the company is the right fit for your needs. It is much more difficult to get the vehicle shipping company you want once you have signed a contract. Be sure to ask enough questions upfront so that you don't fall for a scam.
  • You should read the entire contract. This will ensure that you don’t agree to anything you didn’t know.
  • Question mode of transport: You may ship your vehicle on a tractor-trailer. This means that it will take longer to reach its destination. You need this information to plan ahead.
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Long Distance Auto Transport from/to Tacoma

Our company has terminals in most states so that you can leave your vehicle for collection by one of our drivers. This is a cheaper way to transport your vehicle than having a truck drive to your house to pick it up. Our fleet of carriers is large so it will not take long for one of them to arrive to pick up your vehicle.

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If you want to save money, you should not leave long-distance transport until the last minute. Express delivery is possible, but will cost more.

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Shipping Luxury and Classic Cars to Tacoma

Call Move Car at the number listed above to ship your classic or luxury car to Tacoma. This will give you a price estimate and allow you to place your order. To arrange your transport properly, our staff will need to have the details.

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We will need to know the exact location of your car and where it is going to be moved. It is important to know the type of car and any special requirements for shipping it. Budget is important as higher-end transport options can be more expensive.

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Tacoma Special Discounts

We understand how costly it can be for clients to call us about transporting multiple vehicles. We are grateful for your business and have created a special discount.

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If you're a first-time customer, we can offer another discount. You will pay less if you are a member of the military, senior citizen, or student. Ask about seasonal discounts when you call for a quote. They may be available soon.

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Tacoma offers affordable transportation options

Returning customers is the goal of every company. Move Car will give you a quote and it will be exactly what you pay, with very little margin for error.

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People are now trying to lower the cost of auto transport without falling for scammers. One common scam is to promise a low price and then add extra costs once the vehicle is in the company’s possession. You won't get your car back if you don't pay. Even the police may not be able to help you.

For serious businesses with a solid history, customers return and leave positive reviews. This is how they grow and prosper. Without the trust of our customers, we wouldn't be able to reach this point in 20 years of business. Call today if you are looking for great auto transport at affordable prices.

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