Posted on 01/19/22

The Ins And Outs Of Luxury Car Shipping

The Ins And Outs Of Luxury Car Shipping

You've found the right place if you are looking for luxury car shipping services. Move Car understands the importance of your luxury car. It should arrive in perfect condition upon its arrival. It should arrive in the same state it was shipped in. No matter what vehicle you're shipping, any customer wants the exact same.

Luxury vehicles are a different class. These cars are expensive and beautiful and require a little more care than the average daily driver. Luxury car shipping services are why they exist and why they have often considered their own category of shipment.

What does this mean? Shipping a luxury vehicle requires different considerations. An enclosed transport truck is what you will likely need. A liftgate may be required for this truck to load and unload the vehicle. Shipping a luxury vehicle is more complicated than shipping a regular car. Are you shipping a luxury sports car or a high-end vehicle? It may be more difficult to drive than a regular car if it is. It is important that the driver has a good understanding of how to drive such a powerful vehicle. Not all drivers do.

Shipping a luxury vehicle is not the same as shipping a regular car. However, it's very different. We're writing this article to help you understand the differences and get the best out of luxury car shipping.

Before you begin:

Shipping a luxury vehicle is essentially the same as shipping a regular car, as we have already mentioned. There are some important differences in the way that luxury vehicles are shipped and handled.

Luxury vehicles are more expensive than regular cars. Luxury vehicles require special care. This typically means an enclosed transport truck. We'll discuss why these are so important in a moment. For now, it is best to expect your luxury vehicle to be transported in an enclosed transport truck, particularly if its value is still high.

Luxury cars are valued in the high-fives to the six-digits range. You can find some very expensive cars for as low as a few hundred thousand dollars.

It is important to understand what you are shipping and what your vehicle will need when it arrives. Talk to a representative to get personalized advice for your luxury vehicle.

However, you should expect to ship it enclosed. This will mean that it will cost more than the average car along your route. Because enclosed transport is not a common method of moving vehicles, it can be more costly. It's still possible to find an enclosed hauler as they are quite common. They do come at a higher cost.

They are more expensive because they have to ship more cars and require more insurance. They haul fewer cars than their open counterparts, sometimes just 2 or 3. They have to charge more to make money, even though they are hauling fewer cars than their open counterparts.

Why ship enclosed

If you are looking for luxury car shipping services, then enclosed transport is the best option. They are more durable than open trucks and can handle higher-end vehicles.

We recommend you ship luxury vehicles in enclosed haulers. They are more expensive. They are. However, if you are shipping a luxury vehicle, it is much cheaper than potential repairs.

It is rare for damage to transit vehicles to occur. While we strive to work with carriers who have a history of not damaging vehicles, accidents do occur. This is why enclosed transport exists. Even though you may have perfect records shipping cars, one accident with a truck can cause lasting damage to a carrier.

It is impossible to prevent people from being stupid. You cannot prepare for inclement weather in another area of the country. And you can't plan for every possible scenario when your vehicle is on the truck. Instead, move your vehicle in an enclosed truck to avoid all potential problems.

Enclosed trucks are safer for expensive vehicles and they're designed to transport them. Many sports cars and luxury vehicles are reduced for their performance or aesthetics. Standard carriers can have problems with this because vehicles too low could block ramps and get stuck on truck entrances.

These issues can be avoided with a liftgate. While not all enclosed carriers are equipped with one, many do. This is another reason to be enclosed, and we can help with it.

Do you require a liftgate?

A liftgate may be required for certain luxury cars to load and unload from a truck. Some luxury cars may not require one. However, sports cars and luxury cars are the ones who need them most.

This is due to the vehicle's height above the ground. The low ground clearance can make it difficult to remove ramps without damaging the underbody. These types of damage are often not noticed and don't usually cause any major damage to your vehicle. However, this is not always true. With cars becoming more complex, any damage could prove to be problematic in the near future.

We need to know if your vehicle has a low or raised ground clearance. We can then ensure that we have the right carrier for you. An enclosed truck is required if your vehicle has lower ground clearance. There isn't one open truck with a liftgate. They are not designed to handle that type of trailer. However, enclosed trucks have them. Not all, mind, but some.

Let us know what condition your vehicle is in so that we can match you with the right carrier. We do not want to send your vehicle to a carrier who will be unable or unwilling to load it due to its low condition.

The importance of the BOL

The Bill of Lading (or BoL) is a multipurpose document used in car shipping. The Bill of Lading is a multi-purpose document that acts as your shipping order and receipt. It also contains your inspection report. For these reasons, the Bill of Lading can be very important when shipping your vehicle.

It's the shipping order to the carrier. It will also have information about the pickup and delivery contacts, and the addresses. This is your receipt. It will show the amount that you owe the carrier upon delivery (or any balance). This also serves as an inspection report. This is especially important if you are shipping a luxury vehicle.

Every vehicle shipped must pass a pickup inspection as well as a delivery inspection. This inspection is necessary for insurance purposes. You'll be looking for any existing damage, and then any new damage.

Damage is rare when shipping a car. It's even rarer when shipping via enclosed carriers. It does happen, but it is important to be ready for it.

Any existing damage will be noted during the pickup inspection. Most luxury vehicles won't have any existing damages, but it is a good idea to check just in case. New damages will be checked during the delivery inspection. The carrier will require the pickup person to sign off on the pickup inspection. The carrier must sign off on the delivery inspection. This is because sometimes, you might not be available for pickup or delivery. So be prepared.

You should be aware of what information is included in the inspection report. It will be the main evidence that proves damage during transit.

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