Posted on 11/03/21

Everything You Need To Know About International Car Shipping From the USA

Everything You Need To Know About International Car Shipping From the USA

It is easy to ship a car internationally. However, there are key differences. Practical concerns are generally the same. Still, you will need to find a reliable company that manages auto transport. The same steps will be used to prepare your vehicle for international shipping. Your car will be taken to a trucker for loading onto a carrier.

This is where the similarities end between international and domestic car shipping. It's not that international vehicle shipping is more difficult, but that there are more considerations when a vehicle moves between countries, travels over land and sea, and is subject to multiple laws.

Move Car Auto Transport has been shipping cars internationally for many years. We want to share our knowledge so you can ship your car abroad more efficiently. You have enough on your plate, whether you are selling your car overseas or moving abroad. This article will cover everything you need about international car shipping.

What is the difference between international car shipping?

Shipping a car internationally can be done in a few steps. The car will travel in a truck from the port to the airport, where it will be loaded onto the cargo ship or plane for its next stage of the journey. It will either be picked up at its destination country or loaded onto another truck to take it to its final destination. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about the shipping process.

You will also need to address logistical and legal issues. There are usually tariffs, duties, and fees involved in international car shipping. Move Car does not charge sales taxes. Additionally, there may be restrictions or limitations on what vehicles can be shipped to certain countries. You may need to obtain approval from the government prior to importing your vehicle. Otherwise, it could be returned to the port.

Make sure you are familiar with the laws in place for auto imports before you ship a vehicle. You may not have the latest information online. Save yourself the trouble and visit the embassy for the most current information on how to legally ship your car overseas.

International car shipping includes ground transport

Ground transport is required unless you live close to the airport or port where your air cargo or marine transport company ships from. Car shipping companies from abroad ship out of cities such as Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, and California. They also ship out of states such as Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, and Maryland. Move Car can coordinate shipping from your address to a terminal city. They will also advise you on how to work with air and marine cargo shippers to ensure your carrier follows all instructions for handling and loading.

Shipping times to international destinations can vary widely

There is no single answer to the question "How long does international car shipping take?". Transit times vary depending on where a vehicle starts its journey and where it ends up. If your vehicle will travel on a cargo vessel, the auto transport company will give you an estimate of how long it will take for your car to reach the port. However, it is difficult to predict how long it will take for your car to arrive at your destination.

The average sailing time between ports on the east coast and ports in Europe is approximately two weeks. It may take nearly a month for your car to travel from the west coast of Australia to an Australian port. No matter where your car ends up, give yourself enough time to arrange your shipment and get all your paperwork in order so it arrives on time.

Most international shipping of a car involves paperwork

Let's discuss the documentation required to ship a car abroad. Your registration and title are essential as your vehicle will not be allowed to travel through ports without them. Your license plate number and copies of your title may be required to be submitted to the appropriate regulatory authorities in the destination country prior to your vehicle's arrival. A government-issued ID is required to drop off or pick up your vehicle. In the case of international shipping, a passport may be your best choice.

Is the car financed or leased? You will need to submit a notarized statement to prove that your creditor/lessor knows that you are shipping a vehicle internationally and that you have received written permission to take it out of the country.

You will also need the documents that pertain to your vehicle as cargo. Your shipper will ask you to fill out a consignee sheet. This form includes your name, address, and phone number, information about your vehicle, its value, and details about the person who will be picking up your vehicle at its destination. You may need to declare dangerous goods in some countries before you ship. This is not because your vehicle is dangerous in itself, but because the gasoline and battery in the tank are considered dangerous cargo. You will need to obtain a driver's license before you can drive a car.

This is not all. Each port may have its own requirements, which can make it difficult to ship cars internationally. Make sure you check with your shipper for any additional documentation. We can help you in this area as we are experts on how to get cars to international destinations.

International car shipping costs vary.

Shipping a car overseas can cost a lot of factors. Price can be affected by the make, model, dimensions, and weight of the vehicle. Shipping larger cars, modified cars, and vehicles with body damage can be more expensive. Ground transport costs will depend on the distance from and to the port. The cost of international car shipping depends on the location of your vehicle, its destination, customs clearance, port fees, any fees imposed by the destination country, and the method it is being shipped. There are many options for shipping your car by air or marine cargo.

It will generally cost less to ship small cars from New York City to Europe than it will ship larger vehicles from Los Angeles to Japan. You can only get an accurate estimate of international car shipping costs by contacting us via Live Chat and phone. To get a great deal, you might want to contact several auto transport management companies. Move Car is a company that prides itself on its auto transport reviews and is transparent about its pricing policies.

Every step of the journey, your car will be covered

Your vehicle will be covered by your international carrier's insurance and your ground transporter policy during international car shipping. Move Car also covers your vehicle under our contingent insurance, which will cover it for the entire time it is on the mainland roads. This gives you total peace of mind.

The first step is to get there

You might be wondering if you will be able to drive your car once it arrives in your destination country if you move overseas. The answer depends on the destination of your vehicle and whether you are relocating permanently. The shipper can help you understand how foreign laws affect vehicle ownership, registration, operation, and maintenance in your new home. To find out what legal requirements you will need to drive your vehicle legally, you can contact the embassy in that country.

For example, if you are moving from the US to Europe you can drive a car equipped with American plates and tags for up to six months. However, it is necessary that you ship your car home within six months and that your insurer will cover your vehicle while you are away. You will need to have your car meet European safety and emission standards. To do this, you will need an International Motor Insurance Card as well as an International Driver Permit.

Move Car's international car shipping approach

Our experience in partnering with international carriers means that your car will arrive at the airport on time so it can begin the next phase of its international journey. We can transport to all US ports. Our shipping prices include all taxes and are non-expensive.

Here is our international vehicle shipping process.

Contact us to discuss your options. We offer open and enclosed shipping, as well expedited shipping for international customers.

We can guarantee your pickup if you have limited availability.

We keep the lines of communication open. Our customer support team is available 24/7 and can connect you with your hauler so that you can monitor your car's progress at any time.

Why should you choose us to ship your car? Move Car is a leader in the industry with a network of 15,000 carriers and partnerships with the biggest companies in the country. We were named as one of the fastest-growing companies in America in the Inc 500 and ranked #1 in the Fast 50 List by Crain’s Chicago Business for growth. We have shipped thousands of vehicles to satisfied customers. You could be the next!