Posted on 12/01/21

Life Through The Eyes Of A Trucker

Life Through The Eyes Of A Trucker

How do you imagine truck drivers' lives? They're often on the road. But what does it look like for them?

Trucking is our daily life at Move Car. We transport vehicles across the country every day. We ship everything, from classic cars to sports cars and everyday vehicles. We have a good idea of the trucker's life, but many people don't. Truckers are essential to our daily lives. Without them, nearly half the items we use every day would be lost.

The Job

  1. Long Hours: Truckers spend long hours on the road, often driving for 10-14 hours a day, with mandatory breaks and regulations on how many hours they can drive per day.

  2. Loneliness: Being on the road for long periods of time can be lonely, as truckers spend most of their days and nights away from friends and family.

  3. Physical Demands: Driving a big rig requires a lot of physical effort, including climbing in and out of the cab and navigating tight spaces.

The Lifestyle:

4. Living on the Road: Many truckers live in their vehicles and spend most of their time on the road. This can be challenging, as it requires truckers to make do with limited space and resources.

  1. Challenges of Finding Places to Park: Finding a safe and legal place to park can be a challenge, especially in urban areas.

  2. Eating on the road: Truckers often rely on fast food, truck stops, and rest areas for meals, this can be challenging to maintain a healthy diet.

  3. Weather Challenges: Truckers are often exposed to various types of weather conditions, which can make driving more challenging and tiring.

The Community:

8. Sense of camaraderie: Truckers often form a sense of camaraderie with other truckers they meet on the road, as they share similar experiences and challenges.

  1. Helping each other: Truckers often help each other with directions, parking, and other issues they may face on the road.

  2. Making a difference: Many truckers take pride in the important role they play in delivering goods and helping keep the economy moving.

We decided to show our truckers to friends, customers and fans in our newly launched "Shutters for Truckers Contest".

Photo Contest "Shutters For Truckers"

Send us a photo if you are a trucker. It could be a photo of you and your truck or your truck on the road. This could be a picture of you with your truck, your truck on a road trip, your favorite rest stop or anything that relates to your life as a trucker.

You can win the $350 Flying J grand prize by submitting a photograph. Every week, contestants are eligible to win a $20 flying J gift card.

Are you not a trucker? Vote for your favorite photo to continue the voting process! Voting for your favorite photo will help the trucker win their $350 Flying J gift certificate!

Take a moment to look it over! You should give thanks and acknowledge the truckers who work so hard to get us everything we need every day.