Posted on 04/25/22

Electric Car Shipping Services

Electric Car Shipping Services

Do you need to move but are unsure how to ship an electric car? You can ship your electric vehicle almost anywhere in the United States with the same shipping methods as normal cars.

When it comes to regulations, electric cars are treated in the same way as regular cars. But, before you ship your electric car, there are some things that you need to be aware of.

We recommend you become familiar with the auto shipping process so that you can protect your vehicle while in transit.

What are the differences when it comes to shipping an electric car?

An electric car uses batteries that are similar to those you can buy in most shops. Although they are larger, the materials used are the same.

Rechargeable batteries weigh more than single-use batteries. These batteries are even more heavily in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Some auto transport companies charge more to ship hybrid/electric vehicles. It's due to the increased licensing and extra care required for moving lithium-ion batteries.

Potential dangers associated with lithium-ion batteries

Overheating can cause laptops and smartphones with lithium-ion battery batteries to burst into flames. Many people are now concerned about whether these batteries can be safely used in electric vehicles.

Because of their high energy production, lithium-ion batteries are preferred by laptop and cell phone manufacturers. They can catch fire because they are so small and contain so much energy.

This happens when both the oxidizer as well as the fuel are contained within the battery. This is unlike a normal fire and you can't extinguish the flames. The heat can melt aluminum and cause batteries to explode.

The batteries for electric cars are larger and can explode much faster. Some companies, like Tesla Motors, place the batteries behind the passengers. They are capable of driving a car to 60 mph in just 4 seconds. This is what most electric vehicle shipping companies worry about.

Tesla Motors and other similar companies have implemented a number of high-tech safety mechanisms including:

  • Electronic control of a liquid cooling system
  • Three fuse layers
  • If the temperature is too high, sensors will cause the batteries not to connect.
  • Protection in the event of collisions
  • Protection that is too expensive

Safety concerns motivated the use of smaller batteries that are stacked together rather than a single larger battery. Each battery is protected by a steel case. The entire system is also covered in a steel case for additional protection.

There are very few chances that something will go wrong. You should not have to worry about anything if there is a problem during manufacturing.

Can an electric vehicle be shipped?

The shipping requirements for electric vehicles are different from those of regular vehicles. Transporting an electric car used to be expensive and difficult. The car industry has moved towards more advanced technological standards as the market develops. The demand for electric cars is increasing and the car shipping industry has evolved to meet these standards.

Most transportation companies now ship electric cars at the same cost as regular vehicles. Modern safety procedures for vehicle shipping can be applied to both electric and gas cars. Move Car offers some of the most affordable vehicle transportation services in North America. It is easy to find an economical way to ship your electric car with us.

Do you need to pay more for your electric vehicle?

Is it justified for auto transporters to charge more for an electric vehicle shipping? The short answer to this question is no.

We must remember that while electric car manufacturers have taken every precaution to ensure their vehicles are safe to drive, the majority of lithium-ion battery-related risks come from them being overheated.

Transport vehicles do not turn on. Instead, they are parked in a truck, ship, or plane. The vehicle will not overheat.

Although the batteries can burst into flames if there is a collision, the impact on the vehicle will be greatly cushioned by the fact that the vehicle is in a truck or ship. As mentioned above, the batteries have safety features in place in the event of a collision.

Shipping your electric vehicle shouldn't be a concern. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be safe and secure during shipping.

Comparison of gasoline and electric vehicles Shipping Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

There are very few chances that an electric vehicle will burst into flames while being driven and even less chance of it exploding during transport. Companies that refuse to transport hybrid or electric vehicles, or charge more, often do so because they lack the right information. Many auto shipping companies and mechanics are not familiar with hybrid and electric vehicles, as they are rare.

Shipping gasoline, hybrid, or electric vehicles is the same. No matter the type of automobile, all must be safely loaded, transported, and unloaded. No matter what type of vehicle you have, the safety precautions are the same.

Is there any regulation for shipping an electric vehicle in the US?

The US has strict shipping regulations for electric vehicles that use lithium-ion battery technology. Proper packaging is essential to avoid explosions during transport. To prevent short circuits and movement, the battery must first be secured before being transported.

Except for the battery, shipping regulations for electric vehicles are the exact same as those for regular cars. You as a customer shouldn't be inconvenienced by the increased battery regulations. It's up to the shipping company that ensures your vehicle is safe and secure during transit.

Do I need to ship my electric car?

The cost of electric cars is high. The average Tesla costs between $40,000 and $90,000. You can ship an electric vehicle anywhere from $40,000 to $90,000. However, it is important that you take extra care.

Driving thousands of miles across the country may not be an option if you are moving across the country. Shipping is the most cost-effective, fastest, and safest way to get your car anywhere in the United States.

  • It can be difficult to drive your car to its destination.
  • Modern shipping standards ensure that your vehicle is safe all the way.
  • A professional vehicle transport company can ship your vehicle without any hassle.

Is it safe to ship my electric car?

Yes! Your electric vehicle will be switched off throughout the shipping process. This means that it's not more dangerous than a regular car.

Before you ship, inspect your vehicle and remove any personal items. This will allow you to file an insurance claim in the event of damage during shipment.

Do I need to drain my electric car's battery before shipping?

You don't need to drain the car's battery before shipping it, as long as it is protected against short circuits. Except when the car is being loaded from a truck, boat or plane, it will not be powered on during shipping.

Due to energy loss, the battery can drain during shipping. It is best to charge your battery before shipping to ensure that your battery has enough power to reach its destination.

How should I prepare my electric car for shipping?

The same steps apply to preparing your electric vehicle for shipping as with any other vehicle.

  1. Get rid of all valuables from your car.
  2. Take photos of your vehicle to document any damage that may occur during shipping.
  3. Check that your auto insurance policy covers any potential damage your vehicle might sustain during shipping. These damages can be costly and not covered by some auto insurance policies.
  4. Before shipping, deactivate any systems like the car alarm or automatic toll passes.
  5. Pre-arrange for the shipping company to pick up your car at a time that suits you. The shipping company representative will need an additional set of keys in order to pick up your car.

These steps are complete. Now, you can wait for your electric vehicle to arrive at its destination.

Are Electric Cars More Expensive to Ship?

Yes and no. The shipping process for electric cars is the same as for regular vehicles. Your shipping company shouldn't charge you extra for an electric vehicle.

Electric cars are heavier than their gas-powered counterparts. Car shipping companies will charge you based on the weight of your car to transport it. This means that you might have to pay more for getting your electric car to its destination.

Do you have more questions about electric vehicle shipping?

Move Car offers reliable shipping services to your electric vehicle. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our team.