Posted on 03/29/22

Transporting Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Transporting Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Hybrid and electric vehicles are increasingly popular because of their fuel efficiency, lower harmful emissions, and cost savings. Hybrid and electric cars are appealing to a wider range of car buyers, thanks to the availability of a wide variety of models and brands.

You may be looking to buy a hybrid or an electric vehicle, have it shipped to your home, or move it because of a corporate relocation, retirement, extended vacation, or any other reason. Continue reading to find out more about the evolving industry, battery regulations, and concerns surrounding shipping hybrid and electric cars.

Are the truck and electric car industries growing?

Yes, absolutely! EY Global has predicted that by 2033, the combined sales of electric vehicles in America, China, and Europe will surpass all other engines. Electric vehicle sales in the United States will surpass all other powertrains by 2036.

What makes hybrid and electric vehicles so different from regular cars?

A hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), is powered by an internal combustion engine as well as an electric motor. The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular hybrid vehicles. You can either use an engine or an electric motor to power it. Or you can combine both.

An all-electric vehicle (EV), runs entirely on electricity. An electric motor drives them, powered by either rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or lithium polymer battery packs. Unlike traditional vehicles, EVs don't have a gasoline tank or an internal combustion engine.

Both HEVs, as well as EVs, reduce fossil fuel use and nearly half the emissions. Although there are still significant upfront costs for these vehicles, new data suggests that hybrid and electric cars could save drivers money over the long term.

Is it safe for me to ship my hybrid/electric vehicle?

You'll occasionally see stories about a smartphone or laptop with a lithium-ion cell bursting into flames due to overheating. The attractive size-to-energy ratio of lithium-ion batteries is appealing. They produce lots of energy from small sizes, which can cause overheating.

Although the hybrid and electric car batteries are made from the same material as the cars, there are multiple safety measures that manufacturers have put in place to reduce the risk. Any potential issues that might arise during manufacturing or operation would be most likely not during vehicle transport, where the battery is used only for loading and unloading.

It is safe to ship an electric vehicle. But, like all cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and jet skis, safe shipping an electric vehicle or hybrid requires the expertise of a professional auto transporter.

For specific questions regarding shipping your hybrid vehicle or electric car, please call Move Car for an HEV and EV transport expert. You can also get an instant auto shipping estimate.

Confusion over electric car shipping and auto transportation services

Are hybrid and electric cars more expensive to ship? Are electric trucks allowed to be shipped? Are there any special requirements for shipping an HEV/EV? Do I need to ship my electric vehicle?

Because these types of vehicles are relatively new, there is a lot of misinformation in the market about how to transport hybrid and electric cars and trucks. This information will help you to make an informed decision when researching companies that transport electric vehicles.

  • All vehicles, electric and hybrid, are loaded, shipped, and unloaded in the same manner.
  • Transport regulations for HEVs are the same as those for conventional vehicles. Only the battery has specific regulations to follow when it is shipped.
  • The weight of lithium-ion batteries is a major factor in auto shipping rates. Ford will produce an electric F-150, which will weigh approximately 1,600 more than the F-150 with a gasoline engine and will be more expensive to ship.
  • It is worth investing in a vehicle and hiring an experienced auto transport company for safe transportation.

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How to prepare your hybrid/electric vehicle for shipping

These are the steps to get your vehicle ready for transportation.

  1. Check for damage on the vehicle's exterior. Take photos for your records.
  2. Take out any valuables and plug-in devices.
  3. Your automatic toll pass can be deactivated or removed.
  4. You can also share an additional set of keys with the driver of your auto transport truck.
  5. Charge your battery fully

Ask your agent at auto transport for more information or see Steps to Prepare Your Car for Shipping.

Reputable hybrid and electric vehicle shipping firm

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