Posted on 08/02/22

Cleaning your Car For Spring Season

Cleaning your Car For Spring Season

Spring brings people a sense of excitement. Why? Because the weather is changing for the better, which means summer is coming soon. Summer brings family vacations, barbecue dinners, and days at the beach. Summer is a beloved season. But what many people forget is that we must start our spring cleaning before we can enjoy the sun and all the other fun activities.

Spring cleaning is something that comes naturally. It is warmer out so you can open all your windows to let fresh spring air through your house. Winter can lead to dust accumulation and prolonged time spent indoors can cause a mess that requires intense spring cleaning.

Your house is being cleaned but what about your car? Your car may need more attention during winter than your house. This is especially true for those who live in northern states, where the winters can be harsh and demanding on their vehicle. Consider all the miles your tires logged as you drove through snow day and night. Your windshield wipers and fluids used to drive your car will also need to be replaced.

Although they may not be top of your mind when the sun shines a little brighter this summer, these are very important. It is crucial that your trucking and shipping supplies are in good condition before summer begins. We have compiled a list of essential things you should do before heading out to the beach.

Checklist for Auto Spring Cleaning

  • Car Tires As we mentioned, winter can be hard on your tires. Check your tire pressure first. This is easy to forget, and many drivers don't even think about it. It can prove to be dangerous to not have enough pressure on your tires. It can also reduce the MPG of your car. Gas prices are so high that most people can't afford them, so make sure you check your tire pressure. This may sound silly if you're a responsible car owner. However, there are many drivers who drive around with bald tires and don’t realize it until it's too late. You can check that your tires are in good shape and have them rotated by your mechanic.
  • Air Conditioning It might not yet be summer, but it will soon be. You want to make sure your car has an effective air conditioning system. To check if your air conditioner is still working, first, turn it on. Next, check for cracks and wear on the compressor belt.
  • Fluid Levels Next, make sure all fluids in your vehicle are properly regulated. You want to make sure your coolant levels are at the right level as we approach warmer weather. If you have not changed your oil recently, you will want to inspect the oil level.
  • Battery- The battery of your car is very important. It can become really corroded in the winter months. While this may not be an issue with newer cars, older drivers should be extra careful. As a former owner of a vehicle, I know firsthand that there are many issues with batteries. Before you can enjoy the summer months and cruise around happily, you need to make sure your battery is in good condition. It's impossible to be too safe.
  • Spring Cleaning We have already talked about cleaning out clutter and dust from our homes, but we should also clean out our cars. The winter can be a time when salt builds up around tires and snow and slush can make things messy. Winter follows autumn, and thousands of dried, dead leaves have covered the ground during autumn. You may be shocked at the number of dead leaves that accumulate under your car's hood. Although it may seem like a lot more work than cleaning your home for spring, auto spring cleaning can be just as important. This list will help you spring-clean your vehicle so that you can enjoy the summer heat. You don't need to clean a large commercial truck in the winter months. That would be a lot of work!