Posted on 02/18/22

Looking To Move North This Summer Use This Guide

Looking To Move North This Summer Use This Guide

What is a snowbird?

Snowbirds are semi-retired or retired people who migrate from the north to south every winter to escape the cold and snowy weather. These people are typically over sixty years old and have enough financial freedom to travel south for several months each winter.

Every year, live in two different places

Snowbirds need to be as efficient as possible when moving twice a year. They won't want to spend more than a week moving each time they travel south or north for a season.

Some rent another home when they move to a southerly city such as Miami. However, most people have two homes. These residences will usually have all the things they require, so it is less work to move them around. Even simple things like having two outfits.

It is not common for people to buy an extra car to go down south for a few months each year. Who wouldn't be nervous about driving their car hundreds of miles each way for six to eight months? Even if it is stored, it could be damaged by bugs or mice and can become quite expensive.

Many snowbirds end up moving their cars south to get the winters and then north for spring.

Plan ahead

You should plan your move in advance if you're a snowbird. This will allow you to get lower prices for most aspects of your trip, including flights and vehicle shipping.

It is recommended that you plan your car shipment at least one month in advance. It will help you save money and allow for a faster pick-up and delivery. This will allow you to prepare your vehicle for shipment in a longer time.

Also, you should make arrangements for someone to check in on your new home while you're down south enjoying the weather. To make sure everything is fine and there aren't any major problems like flooding, ask a parent or neighbor.

Before you move south, your mail must be forwarded to your southern address. The United States Postal Service can temporarily forward your mail for up to one year. Temporarily, you can forward your mail up to one year. 


It is all about relaxation and ease. It's about getting rid of the stress associated with snow shoveling and winterizing your house. Why would you want to replace it with the stress of making two moves every year?

Planning properly will make it easy to "move south" for winter.

You shouldn't be stressed about other details of your move. As long as you plan ahead, details such as shipping your car south or worrying about your first home up north can be taken care of.

You can enjoy your golden years with no stress. Be a snowbird and learn how to prepare for the annual trip south.