Posted on 03/03/22

Driving Tips For Winter

Driving Tips For Winter

Winter is coming and you should take extra precautions when driving in severe weather conditions. Wait until snowplows or sanding trucks clear the roads before you drive. Don't forget to give yourself extra time to get to your destination after a snowstorm. Before you leave, make sure your vehicle is ready to deal with the road conditions.
Safe driving on icy roads

  • Reduce your speed to give yourself enough space to stop. You should allow yourself more space to stop than you normally would.
  • To avoid skidding, brake gently. You can release the brake if your wheels lock up.
  • To increase visibility to other motorists, turn on your lights.
  • Make sure to keep your windshield and lights clean.
  • Avoid bridges, overpasses, and roads that are not frequently used. These will freeze first.
  • Do not pass snowplows or sanding trucks. Drivers have less visibility and the roads ahead of them are worse than those behind.
  • Do not assume that your vehicle is capable of handling all conditions. Winter roads can be treacherous for both front-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

If your rear tires skid

  • Get your foot off of the accelerator.
  • The direction that you want your front wheels to travel is the one you should follow. If the rear wheels slide left, steer to the left. If your rear wheels are sliding right, steer right.
  • You can adjust the steering wheel to the side that your rear wheels are sliding in the opposite direction. To get your vehicle under control, you might need to turn the steering wheel left or right several times.
  • Take your breaks slowly.

Your front wheels skid

  • You can take your foot off of the gas, shift to neutral and then steer.
  • The wheels will slide sideways and slow down the vehicle. Once the wheels are stable, traction will be restored. Keep going in the direction that you want. Next, put the car into drive or release your clutch and start to accelerate.

If you get stuck

  • Don't spin your wheels. This will only make you go deeper.
  • To push snow away, turn your wheels from one side to the other a few times.
  • To ease your car out, use a gentle touch on the gas.
  • Clear snow from the wheels with a shovel
  • You can rock the car. Shift between forward and reverse, then back again. Once you are in gear, lighten the throttle until the car starts to move.