Posted on 01/14/22

How To Avoid Problems With Your Auto Transport Broker

How To Avoid Problems With Your Auto Transport Broker

It can be difficult to ship a car. It's much easier to use an auto transport broker to make it happen.

You're likely to have dealt with brokers if you've ever shipped cars. You may have seen negative reviews about their services and this might have affected your perception of brokers.

In this post, we'll try to clarify that. A broker can help you ship your car safely and efficiently. Booking your shipment through a broker rather than a carrier will save you both time and money.

Let's discuss why.

Learn what an auto transport broker looks like

Many people don't understand what a broker does. Although they have a crucial job, they are not as important as the actual carrier.

Brokers search carriers for customers and find customers for carriers. This crucial step saves everyone time and money, for the most part.

There are many rules and regulations that businesses must follow in the United States. Each industry has its own set of rules. For example, housing companies may have different rules than car shippers. This is not surprising.

However, the rules car transporters must follow can be quite strict. They are designed to protect everyone and everything involved in the shipment. However, they can be tedious to follow.

Brokers are here to help. Brokers can do many things that carriers cannot do like taking calls and giving estimates, or finding new customers. Carriers must drive and be alert for new freight. They can find freight easily thanks to brokers. Customers benefit from this because their cars are moved faster. Auto transport brokers are therefore a win-win situation.

Do not confuse the broker with the carrier

There are many moving parts in the auto shipping sector and many players. Everyone involved, from customers to brokers to carriers to dealers to drivers to dealers, has a role. It's important that you understand who each person is.

It is important that you don't confuse your auto transport broker with the carrier company. brokers search for carriers to ship vehicles. Although it may seem small, they are distinct entities with different goals, agendas, and responsibilities.

Brokers don't have any control over the arrival time of your driver to load your car. Many customers are upset when their carrier arrives late for pickup or delivery. Most of the time, it is not the broker's fault. They usually have the same information as you when it comes to pick-up and delivery times.

This is especially true for reviews. Brokers can be criticized by customers for doing things that were not their fault. This can damage a broker’s reputation. Because the auto shipping industry is mostly online, it is crucial that customers leave reviews online. Online reviews and listings of brokers are available for most companies. It's unfair for customers to read negative reviews about brokers, even if it wasn't their fault.

Although there are many things brokers can do that could cause negative reviews, it shouldn't be because the carrier was bad. You'll enjoy a better shipping experience if you don't misunderstand the broker and carrier.

Your auto transport broker will be there for you

Your broker's job is to make your shipment easy, not more difficult.

Sometimes shipping a car can be difficult. It's not always your broker's fault. Is it your broker's fault? This is usually when vehicles won't move due to incorrect pricing. This is a common occurrence. To stay competitive, brokers must adjust their prices to customers constantly. Prices on all routes fluctuate almost every day. It can be hard to keep up with this pace so you will always find routes that are too expensive.

This could be argued that the broker is to blame. However, prices can change so rapidly that brokers are forced to adjust their prices whenever they need to provide a quote. Sometimes, the prices are too high. This is up to you to decide. It's why it's important that you compare prices and services.

A broker's job is to assist you as best possible. They are the one-stop-shop for any questions, concerns, or orders changes. As they are polite to us, you should be polite towards them. This can bring you many benefits, not only in the quality and quantity of your conversations with them.

Be aware of your obligations

It can be easy to forget our responsibilities as customers when it comes to working with businesses. However, it's not a good idea because customers have obligations in customer service.

If you order fast food, for instance, you are required to specify what you want and to pay for it. Customers are required to wear masks in the age of the pandemic.

Shipping a vehicle comes with obligations. You are required to accurately represent your vehicle. This means we must know whether your vehicle is running and accurate pickup and delivery addresses.

While you are not required to pick up or deliver, someone must, and it is up to you to make arrangements. You are also obligated both to the broker and the carrier to pay. You are also required to disclose any personal property in your vehicle at the time of shipment. Some personal items are allowed, but weight restrictions limit what you can place in your vehicle. Talk to your representative to ensure that the items are properly represented.

Be aware of the price you will pay

You can make your life easier and save money by having payment ready for you and your broker.

We mentioned in our previous post that you have two companies to pay: the carrier and the broker. Usually, the payments are divided into two: one to a broker and one to the carrier. The broker's payment is usually lower than that of the carrier since the carrier is responsible for moving the vehicle. The broker works hard to make sure your vehicle is shipped safely, so they also get a cut.

Nearly every auto transport broker accepts a variety of payment options. The preferred method is credit/debit. However, the carrier requires that certified funds be available at delivery. Some carriers will accept certified funds at pickup. However, the majority of them require certified funds for delivery.

COD, or cash on delivery, is a term that refers to funds that are as good as cash. It can also be cash if you prefer. Most carriers don't accept personal checks, and many don't allow payment by card. Cashier's check or money order. If you have any questions regarding the best payment method, please speak with your driver and your representative.

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