Posted on 04/13/22

Cars Loading Into A Shipping Container

Cars Loading Into A Shipping Container

Our company is the best choice if you need to transport your vehicle in a shipping container quickly and efficiently. Our staff will transport your four-wheeled vehicle safely and quickly.

Types of transport

Open mode of transportation. This is one of the most common and cheapest forms of transportation. You can easily transport any car or group of cars at a low price and without sacrificing the quality of your service. We recommend that you use a closed mode of transport to protect your vehicle.

Closed mode of transportation. This type of transportation means that your car will be concealed in a special design. This will protect your car from moisture and other debris. This transport method will cost more than open. It is best for antique and very expensive cars. They will be protected from prying eyes which will increase safety.

Loading cars into shipping containers. This method of transport is safe and reliable and is appropriate for all vehicles, even luxury and expensive cars. It protects cargo from environmental damage. Special forklifts are used to load a car into containers. They are securely fixed to prevent scratches and other damage. This company has extensive experience in this field and will offer the best service and safety for transportation.

Types of services: Car loading into a container

Delivery to your pickup point. This delivery involves our employees delivering your car shipping container at a specific terminal. It will then be stored until you pick it up. These terminals are conveniently located so that the pick-up process should not be too difficult.

Deliveries to the address you have specified. If you don't have the time or desire to travel from your home to the terminal, our employee can help. An employee will bring you under the door. Although this service is more expensive than delivery to the terminal it won't take any extra effort or limit your time for getting your car.

Why should you trust us with the transport of your car?

There are many reasons, but we will only address the most important:

  1. Ability to deliver classic cars. We are confident in the qualifications of our employees because we carefully select them. We can deliver a very expensive car to many companies without any difficulty. We can place your car in a special place to make sure it moves as little as possible, for an additional fee (with open transportation).
  2. Tracking capability. Our support team monitors the fate and location of every car container shipping. They can notify the owners at any time.
  3. Only experienced carriers. We only employ the best carriers. They are capable of safely and accurately transporting your car within the shipping container.
  4. Access to absolutely free insurance
  5. Claims Department. Our claims department is a well-established part of our company. Here you will find the answers to all your questions.

Contact our support if you're still unsure if it is worth it. They will be able answer all your questions.