Posted on 11/01/22

Do I Need To Take Personal Items Out Of My Car Before Its Shipped

Do I Need To Take Personal Items Out Of My Car Before Its Shipped

In recent years, the car shipping industry has boomed. People can now purchase cars anywhere in the world and have them delivered. If they're moving or relocating, they can also ship their vehicle. This is a very convenient service. However, you should be aware of a few things before you ship your car. Although most people only care about getting their vehicle to its destination safely, it's important to consider what you have inside the vehicle before it goes. It is common for people to forget to remove personal items before shipping. It might seem tempting to use the car's space to ship personal items. However, this is not a wise decision. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't ship your vehicle with personal items inside.

Potential for damage

Even though the driver may be careful, things can shift during transportation. Any items in the car may be damaged. This is particularly important for those who are moving. You might want to consider packing some items in your car. The transport company will not cover personal items that are damaged or lost during transportation. You can save yourself the trouble and simply pack your personal belongings into a moving van.

Theft Risk

Drivers of auto transport don't just drive from one place to the next. A car loaded with personal belongings is a big risk of theft because they make frequent stops. Even if your items aren't valuables, anyone passing by could see them and attempt to steal your car. Insurance will not cover items inside your vehicle, so you are responsible for any stolen or lost items.

Weight Limits

The weight limit for car shipping trucks must be adhered to. If your vehicle is heavy, it could pose a problem for the driver. If your vehicle is heavier than the limit, it may not be allowed to be shipped.

Items that Should Be Removed

You should not only pack personal items but also take the time to get rid of any items you may already have in your car. Items such as jewelry, money, and even guns can be stored in your glove box. You should also check your trunk for items such as golf clubs and other equipment. If your GPS system is portable or charging, you should also take them out.