Posted on 02/10/22

Everything You Need To Know About Roll On Roll Off Car Shipping

Everything You Need To Know About Roll On Roll Off Car Shipping

What does roll-on/roll-off mean?

RORO, or roll-on/roll-off, is a type of shipping used to ship vehicles. The item can then be loaded onto a ship via a ramp. This type of shipping can only be used to ship items that require ocean transport. If you were shipping a car to Hawaii, Ro/Ro shipping would be used at some point during the transportation process.

This eliminates the need for large items, such as cars, to be picked up with a crane and moved onto the ship. This saves time and reduces the chance of items getting damaged while being shipped by boat. This type of shipping is called LOLO, lift-on/lift-off.

RORO shipping reduces transit times. Instead of lifting cars with a crane, which can take a lot of time, cars can be driven onto the boat. If there are many cars to load onto the boat, this can reduce the loading time by half.

Types of RORO vessels

There are many types of RORO ships. These are:

  • LMSR is a ship specifically designed for military cargo. Some of these ships have been converted into civilian ship vehicles.
  • ConRO is a RORO ship that uses both RORO shipping methods and LOLO shipping. This works by storing containers on top of the ship and vehicles below the deck. Then, they are rolled onto the ship.
  • Rolo A roll-on/lift-off ship has a deck that allows cars to be rolled onto and off, but also has other decks on which a crane can be used to lift cargo off and onboard.
  • ROPAX This type of ship has roll-on/roll-off capabilities for cars, but can also transport passengers. This is how ferries carrying cars are commonly referred to.

RORO auto transport: The history

RORO transport has been used to ship cars for a long time. RORO transport was used to move things long before the advent of car shipping. RORO shipping was originally used to transport trains. Rails were installed on ships transporting trains in this era, allowing trains to be driven onboard. This was the same model that RORO car shipping would use later. The history of RORO shipping is a major part of the history and development of car shipping.

RORO was first invented in 1830s Scotland when a wagon ferry was invented. In 1840s Britain, the Edinburgh, Leith, and Newhaven Railway invented the first RORO carrier. RORO shipping was popularized because of its efficiency and ease of use. These ferries, which were originally used to transport trains, would later be used for shipping military vehicles across oceans. This was the first time RORO shipping was ever used to transport vehicles.

The first ships designed to transport military vehicles, such as tanks or jeeps, were built during the Second World War. These smaller vessels were designed to quickly transport jeeps or tanks from a central location near the shore to the shore. This was useful in situations such as D-Day at Normandy Beach, France. These were later made larger by the Allies Powers to transport as many military vehicles as possible to Europe.

Ten years after the Second World War, there were several transatlantic routes for vehicles and vessels. By the mid-1950s, tens of thousands of cars were being transported on these vessels each year. Cranes and LOLO transport were used at this time, but RORO was quickly established by the 1960s.


The most modern and efficient way to ship your vehicle across the ocean is by rolling-on/roll-off shipping. This method of shipping cars has revolutionized the car shipping industry. You don't have to worry about the crane lifting your car or possibly damaging it. It also makes it easier to ship overseas shipments faster. Move Car can help you get your car to Hawaii and Alaska. For a free quote, call us.