Posted on 10/28/21

Car Shipping Scams And How To Avoid Them

Car Shipping Scams And How To Avoid Them

Although car shipping scams are rare in the transportation industry they can happen. Car shipping scams can exist regardless of how professional a website for shipping cars may appear. Their rates are often too high to be true. We believe that it should be easy to transport your car across the country. We will be discussing how to transport your car across the country without any hassles.

Take Bob. Bob had just moved from City A into City B and had put together the perfect moving plan. Bob decided to fly an airplane rather than drive his BMW to his new residence. A website that offered car shipping services online promised Bob a very low cost to transport his cars across the country. The website also seemed professional. This was not the case.

Bob received a quote for transporting his car across the country. The nice lady who answered the phone charged his credit card to cover the deposit. He boarded an airplane to fly to City B. Bob was on his way to his new residence when he received a call from the "nice woman" who took his credit card number. She called Bob to inform him that the BMW was loaded, but that shipping costs would increase. Bob refused to pay an extra fee and the lady informed him that he would be held responsible until he paid the new price.

Bob apparently didn't do enough research to find a company that would transport cars across the country. He fell for a car shipping scam.

There are many moving companies, and many of them are in the business of scamming unsuspecting customers. They promise great service and low costs through their websites. Customers end up paying a lot more for low-cost quotes once they find out all the hidden fees. Sometimes, the car owners are shocked when their vehicles are taken hostage and forced to pay the hidden fees. Bob and his car were the victims of this.

How to avoid car shipping scams when moving your car across country

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Scams involving car shipping are unfortunately common reality. It can be hard to find "The One" that you can trust, with so many companies available. You don't want your headache to be like Bob's. Follow these simple steps to avoid that.

Avoiding Car Shipping Scams

Get information about the car transport company

All contact information about your potential car mover (e.g. Full company name, including DBAs, addresses, and phone numbers (local or toll-free). Ask for the MC and DOT licensing numbers (link dot, mc to move Car license numbers). Once you have this information, go online to do more research. Check with the Better Business Bureau and Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration FMCSA for any complaints regarding the moving company that you are interested in.

Don't be discouraged if there are a few complaints. A good mover is likely to have some complaints. You should check for the number of complaints received and the nature of each complaint. You can check if the mover has a current license and see if there have been any federal complaints.

View online car transport reviews

Online reviews are a standard part of buying any product or service. You can learn a lot from your friends and colleagues by reading reviews. This will allow you to understand what kind of service or product you will receive. Reading reviews is a great way to find dependable car transport companies.

Attention to your Car Moving Contract

The contract you sign to transport your car across the country should contain all details regarding moving your car. There should be no hidden fees. The sales representative should explain all charges and answer any questions about moving your car.

Talk to an auto mover

No matter what deal you were offered by a car moving company, your gut instincts should prevail. Talk to a representative of a moving company by picking up the phone. Find out who their personnel is, what trucks they have, and how they operate them. Also, find out if they have an express or customer line that you can call to get in touch with a representative. Reputable car moving companies will be happy to share this information.

Bob would have saved a lot of time and money if he had followed these steps to find the right auto mover.

Learning from your mistakes is a good thing. Even better if they aren't yours. Transporting your car is an expensive business. If you only hire a moving company based on price, you may be disappointed in the quality of service and delivery times. Don't fall for a car shipping scam when moving your car across the country. You can rest assured that your car will be safe when you move it across the country.

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