Posted on 01/21/22

Why You Should Not Take Car Shipping Advice From Moving Websites

Why You Should Not Take Car Shipping Advice From Moving Websites

You wouldn't want to seek advice from a website that ships pool tables if you were shipping a piano. I spoke with pool table shipping companies when I shipped my pool table.

Let's look at some car shipping tips from moving websites to see just how helpful it is. Moving websites recommend getting multiple quotes from different car transport websites. To get a car transport quote, all other websites (except ours) do not require personal information (such as an email address or a phone number.

Many auto transportation websites appear like car shipping companies but they can farm your personal information (like your phone number and email address) and sell it to up to 10 random vehicle shipping companies that will blow up your phone and send you texts and calls forever.

Simply stated: Never take car shipping advice from moving websites.

How did we find out? We did it!

Five auto transport websites were visited by us. These websites looked like real car shipping businesses, so we entered our email address and phone number. Within 24 hours we received about 100 emails, 52 calls, 35 texts, from 27 car shipping firms.

The best advice is to call car shipping firms or get quotes from car shipping sites that will provide you with a free quote.

After you've made your auto transportation online order with this company, you don't need to provide any personal information. A popular moving website suggests that terminal to terminal shipping is the best way to ship your vehicle. This is the case for shipments within or outside of New York City's Five Boroughs.

This is why you shouldn't take car shipping advice on moving websites.

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Ten-car transporters do not travel into the Five Boroughs. They either offload the vehicles or pick them up at New Jersey terminals. They then send flatbeds into the cities to pick up the vehicles and deliver them. Flatbeds can be avoided by delivering your SUV or car to New Jersey terminals.

Another vehicle transport example that you can save money on is similar locations to those ten-car carriers cannot travel, like Cape Cod or islands like the Florida Keys. It turns out that 95% of vehicle shipping is door-to-door. This means that they can get as close to you as possible (as long as they are at least 80 feet in length).

You can request that the carrier deliver it to a friend, relative, or neighbor. Terminals are available at all these locations. However, they charge $25-50 per hour.

Terminal to terminal car transport costs more money than picking up and delivering to your neighbor or friend. In 95% of all shipments, it is door to door that costs the least to ship your car. This is not true for terminal to terminal.

Are These Really the Top Five Companies in the Industry

Many moving websites now advise which auto transport company to use. It is often called the "five top car shipping firms" or worse, "the top five automobile transport companies for 2021."

The problem is that you would expect that award winners are surveyed to find the top 100, or at least five. This is not true. The moving websites have posted on their websites that the winners make money each time they ship to them.

In conclusion

These "top five best vehicle shipping" pages appear to be just advertising pages that are designed to get you clicking on the links of advertisers. You could save money by visiting the websites directly of the award winners and avoid paying the moving websites a commission. This is because the best companies spend the most advertising.