Posted on 01/27/23

Car Shipping FAQs Commonly Asked Questions Answered

Car Shipping FAQs Commonly Asked Questions Answered

Let's say that you need to mail a car. It may be for business, you may be relocating your family, or you may be selling or buying an antique car. It doesn't matter why you are looking to mail a vehicle. The steps you'll take in your search for a shipper will be the same. You will fire up Google. You will discover several car shipping com. But wait! Between obtaining an online quote and booking coverage. You still have much more to do. Estimating auto transport rates can be challenging, even with Transport-Compare's help. Customers arrive at auto transport quotes, book coverage, and benefit tremendously from the transport companies' services. One significant error can bring about expensive consequences.

Before booking with a car or truck transport company, you must ask this question. We at Move Car Auto Transport believe in knowing why we're the best option before doing business, which is why we've compiled a list of the most important questions to ask auto transport companies.

With the right logistics agent, it's possible to get a feel for how the auto transport company works. Here are some questions to ask them:

1. Is your company a transport broker, carrier, or auto transport management company?

Brief explanations of the terms "broker" and "carrier" are listed here. Brokers schedule the cab pickup and delivery while carriers ship the cargo. Brokers and carriers prioritize their end customers. Move Car is an auto transport management company that serves customers from start to finish. When it is a matter of needing to resolve problems, Move Car offers much faster service as a result of turnarounds between quotes, logistics, and deliveries.

2. What sorts of services do we provide?

It is a ridiculous question to ask. An auto transport company offers vehicle shipping services, right? But you see there s a lot of options for auto transport. Some businesses only ship via open-air trailers, while others offer enclosed trailer shipping. You can send with multiple vehicles and single vehicle options. Several shipping companies are prepared to deal with damaged cars. Some companies only transport vehicles that can operate, whereas others can transport equipment by road, rail, or sea. Still, others specialize in shipping valuables on rails and vessels.

3. Are there restrictions on the types of vehicles you can ship?

With high-value, strange, or enclosed cars, vehicle shipping is frequently an issue. Some vehicles require their auto transporter to position the car in a safe trip. In other cases, it may be worth insuring specialized transporters and placing the vehicle in safe transportation. Most car transport companies do not offer specialized towing or loading equipment, so if you're shipping an unusual vehicle, ask if the company can handle it safely before booking.

4. Could you tell me the cost? Can you provide an estimated cost?

Numerous auto shipping companies will offer you quotes. Most companies know this and won't be offended by receiving other quotes. You do not need to deposit to receive an estimate from an auto shipping company, so proceed if you're given a quote after making some commitment. As mentioned above, many companies now offer online calculators that will provide a free estimate, but you'll usually get a more accurate quote by speaking directly with a representative.

 5. How much will the package cost me?

When you call an auto transport company directly to get a quote, it will be more accurate because you'll be able to specify your requirements and special requests. The more information you provide regarding your vehicle and shipment, the less inaccurate the quote will be.

6. What banking options are available?

Get in touch with the transport company to find out what payment methods they accept. Please don't stop there, but keep researching their credit card processing methods. It's easy to assume that if we ship your car, you must pay the total cost upfront, but that's different from what will happen. Check with your prospective car shipping company to find out how it's chosen to deliver vehicles, so you know how it will handle payment.

7. Does the transport service have a valid license?

It's easy to find out whether auto transport carriers are registered and certified, but it's nice to hear it directly from a representative. The US Department of Transportation requires auto transportation carriers that move across state lines to have a USDOT Number. To transport internationally, a freight company must have approval from the Federal Maritime Commission.

8. Why are you the most highly recommended booking source?

The representative's answer regarding the company's culture can give you an idea of what it's like to work there. Ideally, you're looking for an auto transport company that values its customers and has a reputation for delivering vehicles safely to their destinations. Do you feel your rep needs to be more annoyed with your inquiries? That is a meaningful indicator.

9. How will you ship my car to the best estimate?

You must have already chosen your shipping method, but you should know what your car or truck's journey will look like. What are the loading steps? Do you need help? Will the car make stops along the way? Will we leave your vehicle alone for an extended period of time? What happens when it arrives at its destination?

10. What are the timing options available for my shipment?

First, ask if you want your vehicle to be counted on or put around a specific date. Standard or expedited shipping is possible, but it will cost you more. An auto transport business can give you various shipping alternatives at different prices.

11. How should we prepare before shipping?

The phone operator will ask you to empty and clean your vehicle, but there are also additional steps you need to take. You can see this advice for other information related to these synonyms in this blog entry.

12. What are my options for pickup and drop-off locations?

If you need to pick up your vehicle, you do not need to take a long trip. Many car shipping companies have drop-off and pickup locations available, but confirming that they're conveniently located for you is essential. Door-to-door service is often available, but it generally costs more. The driver will deliver the vehicle directly to your home (or office) instead of dropping it off at a terminal when you choose door-to-door service.


Move Car Auto Transport is the best service provider. They are professional and provide all the documentation required for a smooth car shipping experience. Make sure to ask questions before getting started so that you know what to expect. The most important thing is to have a positive experience and be prepared for potential complications.