Posted on 01/25/22

Top Reasons To Hire An Auto Transport Company

Top Reasons To Hire An Auto Transport Company

It's not always an easy decision to ship your car. This is especially true when you are shipping long distances. There are many reasons you should use an auto transportation company instead of driving your car the same distance. We'll be discussing five reasons why you should use a car shipper instead of driving your vehicle.

Driving it yourself is not the only option. Even though they aren't very popular, drive-away services still exist. Driving away is the same thing as driving your car, but you aren't driving it. You can hire another person to drive your car with drive away services. You don't have to ship the car. Instead, you can take the wheel and drive it wherever you want.

While there are many benefits to driving away services, none compare to shipping your vehicle. Keep reading to find out why an auto transport agency is better than driving.

There are several reasons to use an auto transport company: Cost

The best reason to use an auto transportation company rather than driving the car yourself is the price. You'll typically find shipping a vehicle cheaper than driving it, once you take into account all of the additional costs.

We'll talk about those additional costs shortly, but you only pay what they say when you choose a vehicle transport company. That's it. If you receive a quote to ship the vehicle, this is how much you will pay. The price of the transportation includes all costs, including the cost of the broker and carrier. This includes fuel, lodging and maintenance costs for both the carrier and the broker.

It's obvious that shipping a car is expensive.

If you own the vehicle, this is not true. The fuel costs, lodging, and maintenance are all your responsibility. Is your car leaking oil? You are responsible for paying. Do you need to change your tire because it blow on the highway? You'll also have to pay.

Car carriers also experience these things, I'm not trying to be negative. No matter what method you use, problems will always arise when you drive thousands of miles. However, not having to pay all of those costs yourself can help keep your costs down.

It's true, you can save money if you drive it yourself on shorter trips. However, this means you will have to drive it all the time. It's usually not an option to ship a vehicle from your home to yourself. You'll save money long-term by using an auto shipper instead of driving it yourself.

Safety is the main reason to use an auto transport firm

Safety is an essential part of driving. Safety is essential whether you are driving across the country or to the corner shop. This is true even if you are shipping a vehicle. While you may think it is safer to have your car in your own hands than to trust it to a trucking company, it is often the truth.

It is important to know that every auto transport company operating on the roads must be licensed and insured. The DOT issues their license and requires them to have enough insurance to cover all vehicles they transport. You can see that they have been authorized by the federal government to transport cars. This comes with a certain level of safety and security.

It's safer for your vehicle as it isn't being driven. Auto haulers do not actually drive your vehicle, unlike the drive-away services mentioned above. It is loaded onto a truck and left there until it arrives at its destination. They may have to lift it off occasionally to access another vehicle on the truck. But that's not very common.

Your vehicle is safer being on the truck than it being driven. For starters, there are a lot fewer things that can go wrong. There are many hazards that can occur on the highway. These include bad drivers, bad weather, and debris being kicked off of the road. If you aren't careful, these things can cause damage to your vehicle.

It's safe to transport with a carrier because it is protected by the truck's frame (double if it is enclosed), and it's not on the road. Damage that does occur is usually minimal and caused by something beyond the driver's control. Transport damage is very rare, especially considering how many vehicles are damaged by being driven.

There are many reasons to use an auto transport company: Time

Let me tell you right now that you can drive across this country much faster than a car carrier. That's just...basic fact. On the road, you are subject to the same road rules as the carriers. This includes things such as speed limits and handling delays due to construction, routes being rerouted or closed. However, you can drive as long as your heart desires, which is something that carriers can't do.

Safety standards and regulations limit the time that a driver can drive on a given day. For them, a 2,800-mile trek can take up to a week. It can take you as little as 3 days or even less if your drive is really, really fast.

There are solutions. There are ways around this. Some carriers employ team drivers. This is two people who ride in the same truck and can switch between who is driving. This is a common practice that can enable a carrier to travel across the country in a matter of days. You could save time driving it yourself if you have a friend who is willing to drive and you sleep in the back.

Most people don't have the means to send someone. Shipping a car takes a lot more time than driving it. Driving the car yourself can mean that you are investing many days in the vehicle. If you aren't doing it for a living, that's quite taxing.

However, car carriers do that for a living. They are also very efficient at maximizing their time. You can save a lot of hassle and time by using an auto transport agency rather than driving it yourself.

There are many reasons to use an auto transport firm: Convenience

The convenience it offers is second. You've likely seen the benefits of using a car carrier to transport your vehicle. You don't need to drive as much, and you don’t have the worry about where you are going to eat or sleep. It's just...easier.

It may be more expensive depending on how far you drive. It's okay, even though it may be more expensive, it's still easier to hire a car transport service than do it yourself.

This is especially true if the vehicle is moving on its own. You can sell a car online, for example. It's a bad idea to drive a car if you sell a car online. Many online dealers contract with auto transport agencies to move their inventory. It's quicker, cheaper, safer, more reliable, and more convenient for both the seller and buyer.

Even if you do end up driving the car yourself, it's still more convenient than driving it. You're moving to another country. You can't drive your car if you don't have someone drive the moving van. We can also discuss why using a moving company is more efficient than driving your car, but it doesn't matter if you are moving to another state.

It doesn't matter what your plans are, it is important to know all of your options. We are here to help. To get a quote to ship a vehicle, you can call us at any time. You can receive an affordable auto shipping quote over the phone. You can also complete our free quote form to receive it right from your computer.