Posted on 09/05/22

Can An Expired Car Be Shipped

Can An Expired Car Be Shipped

It is a good idea that you have documentation in case your car is being shipped. However, it is not necessary to provide proof of title or registration prior to or after your vehicle is delivered. Only the VIN number of the vehicle must be provided and the shipping paperwork completed. It allows you to ship vehicles with expired registrations or without any registration paperwork.

Why don't shipping companies require registration and title?

Without these documents, you may wonder how a company could transport your vehicle. Even better, how can a shipping company make sure they ship the correct vehicle? They will ask for your VIN number to ensure they are transporting the correct vehicle. The VIN number is unique to each vehicle and allows the company to verify that they are transporting the right one.

Auto transport companies don't require registration and title because there are many reasons people and businesses might ship cars. Junkyards often ship cars that do not have the documents but intend to only use them for parts. The same applies to people who buy cars from strangers across the country. They may not have the title and may wait until the vehicle arrives before they register it.

It is permissible to ship a vehicle with an expired registration. However, it is not recommended that you drive a vehicle without a proper title or registration. You could be fined if you are pulled over for not having the most current registration. Shipping is the best and most responsible method to transport your vehicle in this instance.

It is easy to ship a vehicle without a valid registration. These documents are not required to ship your vehicle. For any questions regarding shipping your vehicle, contact the auto transport company.