Posted on 05/06/22

How To Choose The Best Car Shipping Service

How To Choose The Best Car Shipping Service

Google can give you hundreds of results for auto transport services - each claiming to have the best options for you. It can be difficult to sort through all the results and ads. This guide will help you if you are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of results when searching for car transport services. This guide will help you understand the key criteria and the how, why and what to do when shipping a car. You will soon be an expert in choosing the best auto transport company. Get your engines started!

Top Tips to Choose the Best Auto Transport Service

These seven expert tips will help you find the fastest shipping option for your car.

You must be a good match.

Your best transport service might not be the one that is best for you. Why? There are many services and specialties available. It is important to choose the one that best suits your needs. What size car are you shipping? Standard-sized cars are easier to transport. You may need a different type of carrier if you're shipping a large vehicle. It may be more difficult to ship a luxury car or sports car. Not all car shippers specialize in every region. It is important to find a car shipping company with the right infrastructure to transport your cars from start to finish. Do you have any special requirements for auto transport? From vintage cars to curb-to-curb pick-up and drop-off services, there are many things that car owners can request. An auto transport company can handle any requests that are not simple or require special accommodations.

Take a look at the drivers.

Your car transport project is incomplete without the driver. Also known as the auto carrier, the driver is the most important piece of the puzzle. It is important to check the driver network of your auto shipper before you start. Are they subject to a rigorous vetting process Are they only hiring high-quality drivers to drive their cars? This demonstrates the commitment of car shippers to a seamless, quality car shipment.

Ask for a guarantee

You could be at risk if you send one of your most valuable assets to an auto shipper. Accidents can happen to even the most reliable auto shipping companies. How will they deal with an accident? For the protection of your vehicle, check out the policies of auto transport companies.

Check out their reviews.

The company website does not have reviews. Reviews are usually left by very happy customers or very unhappy ones. You can search for trends and see how complaints are handled by your auto shipping company online. This will give you a sense of who they are as an organization.

Please refer to the "About Us” page.

You should check out the website for your potential shipper. Is their website a sign that they have been around for a while? Is there a team to help you navigate your customer journey, from start to end? Is it just a website? This could indicate that they are not a reputable company and you don't want to give your keys to them.

Learn the pricing.

This may seem obvious. Pricing matters, especially when you're moving, buying a car, or sending your children off to college. However, it can be dangerous to jump on the lowest price for shipping your car. Make sure you read the fine print. Is there an additional fee that you will have to pay upon your arrival? Are there any additional fees (such as insurance) that are not included in the car shipping process? You should investigate why the initial price seems lower than the rest.

Talk to a human being.

Customer service is the last and most important aspect of car shipping. Things can change when you deal with logistics. Your auto transport might be affected by bad weather, late arrivals, or other issues. Is there anyone available after business hours to help you? You can check with your auto transport company to find out if they offer a free toll-free customer support team, 24-hour availability, a lot of frequently asked questions online, and perhaps even live chat.

Shipping your car is a smart move

Car transport is an ideal solution to many logistical problems. Professional auto shipping services can assist you in moving a car, motorcycle, or SUV to another part of the U.S. without having to drive it. It can be difficult to navigate the myriad of options available when searching for the best shipping company. The above criteria will help you make the right decision. Or, if your speed is more important, you can check out Move Car Auto Transport, the industry leader!

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