Posted on 11/04/21

Auto Shipping Rates What Is The Cost Of Shipping A Car

Auto Shipping Rates What Is The Cost Of Shipping A Car

You will need to look at the auto shipping rates to transport your vehicle if you are in dire need. The distance you are moving the vehicle and its value will affect the rate. You may pay more if you choose an enclosed truck over an open transport option. Before you make a decision about the auto shipping cost, consider all factors.

Ironically, despite the fact that cars were designed to be transported, millions of cars are still being moved each year in the U.S. People love their cars and need to consider how to transport them. When shipping a car, the first thing people ask is "How much does it cost?"

The cost of transporting a car can vary widely. This car shipping price is dependent on many factors. The cost of shipping a car varies between states and companies.

We take a look below at some of the most frequently asked questions about car shipping prices and try to answer them:

What does the average auto shipping cost?

Auto transport prices are affected by many factors. You should shop around for the best rates and companies to transport your vehicle. The auto shipping rates will vary depending on what type of transportation you need and how far you travel. The fluctuating gas prices have a further impact on the shipping cost.

The main factors that affect car shipping prices include

  • You can choose between open car transportation or enclosed vehicle shipping
  • No matter if your destination is a small village or a large city
  • The make and model number of the vehicle
  • Whether the car runs

You will pay a different price for shipping your car from Boston or Chicago to New York. You will pay a different rate for shipping your car from Boston to Chicago or New York to LA.

The season is another major factor that affects shipping rates. For example, the snowbird seasons can affect auto transport rates from North to South. Prices from the Midwest and North to South tend to rise as winter draws near. These prices tend to decrease in spring and vice versa. The prices in Florida and other Southern states rise rapidly at the start of March as snowbirds return home for summer. You can find more information about the seasons and snowbirds on our page dedicated to Florida snowbird shipping.

How can car shipping rates differ by the company?

You will often find that different rates are offered by different car shipping companies. All of these factors are taken into account by auto transporters and applied to the final cost. All car shipping companies strive to provide convenience and efficiency for their customers. Be prepared to research to find reliable auto transporters that fit your budget. You can find auto transport companies online. Contact them to get instant car shipping quotes. You will need to contact several auto transporters to get the best rates. You should compare multiple quotes for vehicle transportation in order to get a better idea of the average cost of shipping a car.

What are the domestic auto shipping costs?

It is simple to ship your car within the United States because there are many auto transporters that travel across the country each day. For every customer, the most important things are the cost of shipping your car and how long it will take to deliver your car. Although auto shipping rates can vary depending on many factors, we can give you an average price. We have provided prices for major cities to give an idea of car shipping rates. Remember the average prices

  • Chicago to Boston - $850
  • Chicago to Washington, D.C. $700
  • Chicago to New York - $700
  • Chicago to Denver, CO – $1000
  • Chicago to Miami - $900
  • Chicago to Los Angeles - $1000
  • Chicago to San Francisco – $1,050
  • Chicago to Dallas - $850
  • Chicago to Houston - $910
  • New York to Los Angeles - $1,250
  • Boston to San Francisco - $1.200
  • Boston to Miami - $1000

The rates shown above are for small SUVs and can vary depending on the season as well as the company. Prices may rise if you ship your car to a small city that isn't in a major metropolitan area. Most auto transporters use major cities like those listed above. It will be more costly to transport a vehicle to rural areas. The driver will need to travel off the main road to transport the car to remote areas. This is more costly and takes longer. You can shop around for the best auto shipping price, but make sure to verify the reliability of the auto transporter.