Posted on 02/17/22

7 Mistakes People Make When Shipping Cars And How To Avoid Them

7 Mistakes People Make When Shipping Cars And How To Avoid Them

When shipping your vehicle, be thorough

You want to make sure you're being as thorough as possible when you ship your vehicle with an auto transport company. It is not worth making mistakes that could end up costing you more. Preparation is key to success, and shipping your car is no exception. You don't have to know where to begin when it comes time for shipping your car.

These are common mistakes that you should avoid

These mistakes can be avoided by being careful

Use the Auto Shipping Checklist. Once you are done, go back and check it. After you're done, go back and read the list again to refresh your memory. It is impossible to be too meticulous when shipping your vehicle.

Talk to someone you trust about shipping your vehicle. This can be a great starting point for your preparations. You can also call us if you have any questions.

  1. Not having the correct documents available

    This is a waste both of your time and your driver's. Make sure that you have your photo ID (valid passport or license) ready for pickup by your driver. You will need to have your valid, unexpired ID with you if someone will be picking up your car.
  2. Not looking into your shipping company

    This could be a serious mistake. It is important to research potential auto shipping companies, in the same manner, you would research any other service, such as pet care or landscaping.

    You can compare the options on online review sites such as Google and decide which one suits you best. A company with over 100 reviews should be trusted for auto transport. This will let you know that the company has been in business for a while.

    Companies with over 1000 reviews are not uncommon. We recommend that you only use companies with good ratings.
  3. Trusting a Car Shipping Company that guarantees a specific delivery date

    There are too many moving parts in the auto transport industry to guarantee a specific delivery date. You should expect to be given a window of three or four days within which the company will deliver your vehicle.

    The delivery window will increase the longer the shipment takes. You should not believe anyone who claims they can transport your vehicle across the country. There are many factors that could impact your delivery dates, such as weather and traffic.
  4. Think that someone could ship your car anywhere in the country for a few hundred dollars

    Shipping a car of average size from coast to coast will cost you at least $800. It will most likely cost more than this.

    We guarantee that if someone claims they can do it for $400 they will demand full payment up front and then refuse to deliver your car on time or at all.
  5. Leave personal items in your car

    You should not leave jewelry, electronics, or clothing in your car. You run the risk of those items being stolen or damaged.

    You might be asking, "Shouldn’t I trust a car shipping service to ship my vehicle without stealing my stuff?" This is not what we mean.

    Drivers must regularly make long trips. This is when they must stop for rest breaks. A passerby could possibly see your personal items and steal them. Although it is rare, it does not happen very often.

    If your personal items are left in your vehicle during shipment, you will not be covered under any insurance policy. Many companies won't allow you to ship any other items in your car.
  6. Too long waiting to schedule your car shipment

    It is best to book your auto transport at least one month in advance. You should generally give at least one month's notice to your auto shipping company.

    You can think of it like this: There are only a few carriers who can transport your car to its destination. If you wait too long, most of those spots will be taken. It is now more difficult to find a carrier that will take your car. It will still be possible to ship your vehicle, but the shipping time and cost may be longer than if you had booked in advance.
  7. Do not take note of any damage during delivery of the Bill of Lading

    This is one of the most common, but worst, mistakes made during auto transport. This is a costly error. You will be held responsible for any damage caused by transport.

    However, damage occurs very rarely. Shipping your car should not be discouraged by the small chance of it being damaged. The "damage" that is being referred to almost always refers to a tiny scratch or chip. This could be covered by your auto transportation insurance if you note it on the bill. You can even take photos of your car with timestamps to help you relax while you ship it.