Posted on 02/08/22

Three Ways To Alleve Back Pain After A Long Drive

Three Ways To Alleve Back Pain After A Long Drive

We've all noticed that we spend a lot more time behind the wheel in the past year, whether you're shipping millions of packages across the country or just going on a spontaneous road trip. The open road is a great place to relax, but sitting for long periods of time without moving your body or stretching can cause serious injuries. We will discuss some of the most common causes of back pain after long drives, as well as some simple ways to fix them.


A strong foundation is key to avoiding back problems. A strong foundation will help you improve your posture, your seating position, and any other adjustments to your car's seats. The Purple Simply Seat cushion is a car-specific seat cushion that helps relieve pressure points.

Sitting up means that your entire weight is concentrated on a tiny footprint. Therefore, you need a surface with a firmer texture to allow you to glide around the seat and not sink to its bottom. Car seats are designed to keep you in place. A seat cushion provides needed pressure relief. It is low-profile so you don't bump your head against the top of the car. You'll be able to drive for hours with ease if you have your pressure points under control and can correct your posture.

2. Personalize Your Seat

Adjusting your car seat (i.e. Your car seat can be adjusted to adjust your back angle, distance from the pedals, and lumbar support. These factors can make a big difference in your comfort while driving. You might adjust your seat differently for a short drive than for a longer trip. Adjust your mirrors, steering wheel, and other cabin items so you don't strain or have to do repetitive, uncomfortable movements that can be stressful for your body. You should place your drinks and snacks where you can easily access them. But, don't overindulge. Enjoy the drive with your music ( podcast), driving directions, and tunes.


Some aspects of comfort are the same for everyone. Your highest pressure points, which are your butt bones, are almost the same distance apart as everyone else's regardless of any "backside padding". There are many other factors that can make your comfort unique. Pay attention to the red flags that indicate discomfort. Does your lower back fatigue too quickly? Do you find your most painful pain in the pressure on your back? You can make your comfort efforts more effective by adding stretches to your routine.

When you are driving long distances, comfort and your back are key. You can make your next trip more enjoyable and relaxing by taking the right precautions.

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