Posted on 02/11/22

What Makes A Great Auto Carrier Driver

What Makes A Great Auto Carrier Driver

This is why it matters

An auto carrier driver's traits can make a big difference in the delivery time and safety of your vehicle. This is the person who does all the "heavy lifting" in regards to your car shipment. Your driver's commitment to securing your vehicle and delivering it on-time makes all the difference in car shipping.

They are responsible to ensure the safety and delivery of five or more cars at once. For several weeks, they are responsible for driving, sleeping, eating, and looking after your vehicle's safety. An auto carrier driver's success depends on their ability to demonstrate stamina and dedication.

These are the traits of a great auto carrier driver

These are the main traits that will propel your auto carrier driver towards safety and success during car shipping:

  • Stamina- This is useful for drivers during the auto shipping process. It is especially important if your driver has to travel long distances by foot in order to pick up a car from a private seller or dealer. The driver must then keep the entire transport moving without much rest if any.
  • Dedication They must live, eat, and dream the car shipping process. They may be on the road for several weeks at a stretch. They must be awake and alert for any problems that may arise on the journey. They might need to adjust a strap or rearrange cars on the trailer even during their sleep.
  • Strength They must be strong enough for each car to be secured in the trailer. Let's suppose they have ten cars to deliver. There are usually four points at which each vehicle must be secured to the trailer. This is 40 points that must be secured to the trailer before transport can begin. Each one must be completed as each car is delivered. This is quite a labor-intensive task.
  • Flexibility They must be able to maneuver in tight spaces and get into and out of cars. They must also be able to slip between cars on the trailer.
  • Patience These drivers need to be patient, whether it's waiting for their vehicle owner to come into their home to check for documentation or unloading and reloading all their cars due to safety issues.
  • Intuition These drivers need to be able, essentially by simply looking at the cars, to determine how they will fit onto the trailer. They will have to unload the car and start again if it doesn't fit.
  • Dexterity This is the most important trait on the list. They must be able to move expensive and valuable cars on and off the trailer in a way that is safe and secure. It is important to ensure that all vehicles are securely attached to the trailer so that they don't get damaged by rough roads.
  • Confidence These drivers need to feel confident with everything at stake during each of these auto transports. Even a small slip could cost them their job or their entire career.
  • Care - Another important trait that drivers must have to succeed in their transport is Safety They need it not only to ensure the safety and well-being of the cars they transport but also for themselves and the safety of other drivers.


It is not as easy as it seems to be a driver in an auto transport company. It can be dangerous and very difficult work. To be able to deliver vehicles safely and on time, a driver must have several key characteristics. Move Car Auto Transport will ship your vehicle using our extensive network of trusted and long-standing vehicle carrier drivers. For a free quote, visit the homepage.