Posted on 03/02/22

5 Tips To Get A Great Car Shipping Experience For Your Collectible Car

5 Tips To Get A Great Car Shipping Experience For Your Collectible Car

Let's face facts, our cars are more than just a means of transporting us to work. Our cars are our daily companions. We are almost always in our cars, whether it's to get us to work on time, to go to a networking event or to a family function, or to play little league games,
It is important to choose service providers that we can trust and rely on. The same goes for auto transport. You want to provide a great experience for your car shipping needs should you need to.
You take so much care of your daily vehicle that you consider shipping a collectible car.

5 Ways to Make Your Car Shipping Experience Smooth

Search for Simplicity in Expertise

If you are looking for a car shipping company to handle your auto transport needs, ensure that they have the expertise. A professional who is well-versed in the industry will make the process as simple as possible.
If you are unable to get simple, helpful assistance from customer support, it is likely that your vehicle will not receive the same service when it arrives for delivery. Your collectible vehicle is likely to be your primary vehicle. This should be a smooth process that is handled with care.

A Closed Trailer to Hold Your Collectible Car

Although there might be some cost differences, consider a closed trailer for your vehicle transport needs. Closed trailers offer additional benefits:

  • Reduce damage risk
  • Additional security
  • Protection against weather elements
  • This reduces the risk of theft and vandalism
  • What do I need information about my insurance coverage in the event of an unfortunate incident?
  • Also, make sure to reach out to your auto insurance company.
  • Take any personal items that you do not want covered by the company out of your vehicle.
  • When you have insurance questions, send an email or a letter to us.
  • Before you leave, take photos of your vehicle

On being Knowledgeable

There are two things to consider when it comes to collectible and rare cars. The first is the amount of experience and knowledge that the company has in shipping collectible cars. The second is how much outside knowledge does the company have when it comes rare and collectible vehicles.
Your interactions with the company will likely reflect your experience. Here are some great questions:

  • What is your experience in this field?
  • Ask about their outside knowledge and experience in relation to antique car shows, vintage automobiles, and car show events.
  • Talk casually with representatives and owners about which shows they've attended, what periodicals they read, and if they have ever purchased or restored a vehicle.
  • Even better, does the company have or present a vehicle at a show?


 Passion is the key to success in every day business, from car enthusiasts to gallery owners.

  • Is the owner of the company passionate about collecting rare and collectible cars?
  • Are there other employees who can relate to your passion about rare cars?
  • This is more than a business venture.
  • Is it a way to live, a hobby or a passion?
  • Are they able to share their passion on a blog or website?

It is likely that your car will be treated with the same love and respect as the owner.

How Equipped

 You want to find out how equipped the business owner for your service, whether it's repairing your house or shipping your car.

  • Are they specialized in shipping rare and luxury automobiles?
  • What additional equipment does the company use?
  • Are there any stoppers? Are there additional soft-ties or straps?
  • How about protective wraps and netting?
  • Which type of container is it?

Move Car has years of experience shipping rare and collectible cars in enclosed carriers.