Posted on 02/08/22

Guide To Shipping Your Car from The Dealership

Guide To Shipping Your Car from The Dealership

Here are the basics of shipping your car from the dealer

It is much easier to ship a vehicle you have just bought from a dealer, regardless of whether it is brand new or used. Remember that car dealers work with car carriers regularly because this is how the newer models are delivered to their lots. Most dealers are used to coordinating with car shipping companies. You won't have to worry about your car being picked up by the carrier if it is too big. Also, you don't need to wash your car before shipping, as dealers always maintain their cars in perfect condition, whether they are new or used.

You will still need your temporary registration, and perhaps a copy of your license to be presented to the driver of your auto transport vehicle upon collection. Before you purchase your car, make sure you discuss these matters with your dealer and the auto transporter. This will allow you to send it to your dealer to be given to your transport driver.

Shipping your car privately to the dealership rather than having it shipped by the dealership

Some dealers may already have relationships with car shipping companies. They may offer to ship for a reduced price or free shipping. They are likely to include shipping costs in the cost of your vehicle, as well as the warranty and/or service agreement. If you're considering purchasing a car from a dealer and need to ship it home, let them know that you are looking into using a third party to ship the vehicle.

You will have more options for transport methods and scheduling when you ship with your company. Although it may make the coordination of picking up your vehicle more difficult, it will be more manageable overall.

Here are some tips for shipping your car to a dealer

These tips will make shipping a vehicle to a dealer as simple and stress-free for you.

  • Taking a look at the car and having it checked out is a good idea to inspect the car in person before you buy it. You can either go to the dealer to inspect the vehicle yourself or hire someone to do it. By searching for "Prepurchase car inspection", you can find a provider who can make it to the dealership you are interested in buying a vehicle.
  • Check that your vehicle isn't too large. You can ship an oversize vehicle from a dealer, such as a tractor or RV. This information will be communicated to the vehicle shipper before you book your shipment. Flatbeds are more popular for larger vehicles than traditional auto carriers. Also, these trucks have lower availability. Your shipper will need special arrangements.
  • Talk to your dealer about shipping your car before you sign anything You should ensure that your dealer is comfortable with outside shipping of your car. You should also ensure that they are flexible in regards to when your car can pick up.
  • Collaboration is essential. You need to coordinate between yourself and your car shipping agency, as well as between yourself, your dealer, and your car shipping firm. Before the pickup day arrives, make sure everyone is on the same page. It should include the pickup and delivery dates, pickup hours, and any rules or regulations from either side.
  • Be flexible There's a possibility that the dealer you are purchasing your car from maybe shipping another car to someone nearby or along your route. It is cheaper and more efficient to ship the cars using the same carrier if this is the case. You could save money if you are flexible with your shipping dates. This allows the dealer to ship multiple cars in fewer loads.


No matter how old or new the car is, shipping it home will not be a problem. It will take a little more coordination because there will be three parties involved, you, the dealer, and the car shipper. Be flexible about shipping dates, ensure your vehicle isn't too large before contacting a transporter and be thorough in your conversations with your dealer and transporter. For a free quote, call us if you need to transport your car from a dealership.