Posted on 09/26/22

5 Reasons Why Moving Your Car By Train Is Not The Best Option

5 Reasons Why Moving Your Car By Train Is Not The Best Option

When transporting your vehicle over long distances, there are many things to take into consideration. Your vehicle is your most valuable asset so it is important to ensure that it is safe and sound. You should also consider shipping preferences and costs, as these can help you decide which transport method is best for you. You can have your car shipped by truck or rail, and both have their pros and cons. Although it may seem cheaper to ship your car by train, there are many reasons why using a reliable carrier is better.

1. There are fewer delivery locations

The main drawback to shipping your car by train is that trains follow a fixed route. This leaves you with fewer choices as to where your car can be delivered. This could make it difficult to ship your car from Pennsylvania to Florida if the train doesn't have a direct route. It could lead to delays of several weeks and extra costs for getting your car to its destination. Carriers can transport your car to many terminals across the country, and can even deliver it door-to-door.

2. Privately owned vehicles have limited options

A lack of options for rail transportation is another reason why many people choose not to ship their cars by train. Because most trains don't regularly ship privately owned vehicles it is difficult to find a train that can transport your vehicle to its destination. There are many auto shipping companies that can ship your vehicle to you, so it is more likely than the railroad to find the right solution for you.

3. It takes much longer

It is clear that auto shipping by truck is more efficient and faster than shipping by train. A trucking company can usually arrange pickup within days, whereas a train may take many weeks. Trains must make several stops on the route once the car has been loaded onto it. This can increase transit time. It is possible that the train will not be able to get to its final destination. This means you may need to drive another day to pick it up.

4. A Carrier might still be required for train transport

Your vehicle may still need to be delivered to you by a carrier because trains cannot travel between destinations. If the train station is far from your destination, your vehicle will need to be loaded onto a car so that it can be transported to a nearby terminal. You could pay more if you used an auto transport company, in addition to the long wait.

5. Uncertainty about Departure and Arrival Dates

Although there are no guarantees for auto shipment by train or truck, it is much easier to estimate these times using an auto shipping company. Auto shipping companies can locate a carrier near you so it is easier to estimate a pickup time and delivery time. The transit time of trains can be delayed by unpredictable schedule changes. Weather delays, problems, or incidents on the railroad network can cause delays. Multiple stops are required along the route. This can make it difficult for planners to predict delivery times.