Posted on 07/05/22

How To Find The Best Auto Transport Company

How To Find The Best Auto Transport Company

There are likely to be a lot of questions when you start your search for auto shipping companies. This is not to mention the fact that there are many car shipping companies to choose.

You might be like many people searching for quality car transporters.

  • How can I choose the right vehicle transport company?
  • How can I calculate the shipping cost of my car?
  • Which is the best car shipping company in America?
  • Can you stuff things in a car that you are shipping?

We are here to answer your questions.

Continue reading to find out more about how to choose the best auto transport company. Move Car auto shipping advisors can be reached by phone or live chat anytime if you have questions.

How do you choose the best auto transport company?

How can you choose the right company for your needs? Which company provides the best service for you?

A vehicle transport company with a larger load will usually offer better service. This brings us to the first tip on how to find the best car transporter.

Book with an auto transport company

Ask any auto shipping expert and they will all tell you the exact same thing: Go big or go home. Here's why.

Brokers help customers prioritize their needs by scheduling shipments and finding carriers. Carrier owners own trucks and ship the cars to their customers. Are you still following? Cool.

Move Car is an auto transport management company that serves customers from end to end. It acts as a single point for all customer contact, from quote to delivery. Because these companies aren't only concerned with cars, they can solve problems faster.

Move Car, a company that manages auto transport, works with thousands of truckers to provide services. Although smaller, local companies may use smaller flatbed or car carriers to transport your vehicle from Point A to B, delivery times can be longer.

Overall, it is better to ship with a larger company.

Talk to people about their car shipping experiences

You can do a quick Google search and ask your friends for their car shipping experience. This could help you locate other people who have had experience shipping cars.

Online reviews are a great way to find out. It is important to read reviews about car transporter companies and pay close attention to the details. Companies without reviews or a lot of negative reviews should be avoided.

Websites such as TrustPilot, TransportReviews, and Google should be looked at. The best vehicle transport company will usually have a presence across all major review sites.

You can find reviews written by people just like you. For example, if you have to ship an antique car or a valuable vehicle, it is important to look for reviews left by people who shipped classic cars, race cars, or luxury cars.

Before you make a booking, it is important to do some research on potential auto transport companies. You can check their reviews on third-party sites. You should also look at the average rating and the number of reviews.

See the car shipping costs

Once you have found a reliable company to transport your vehicle, you can call them or fill out their online form to get a quote. These are some guidelines to help you understand the price that car shippers will give you.

  • Shipping larger vehicles is usually more expensive than shipping smaller ones.
  • It will be cheaper to travel for shorter distances than it would move your car from one state to another.
  • You will likely need to pay more if your vehicle needs to be there in a hurry.
  • To get a quote, a deposit shouldn't be required. If a company offers a quote but you have to make a commitment, then move on.

It is important to remember that cross-country shipping costs can be more expensive for small car transporter businesses. This is likely because they may not be able to execute long routes or have the resources to complete your order on time.

Move Car is a large vehicle transport company that offers value.

Take some time to make a decision

You've probably received multiple quotes at this point. You should now be able to answer some of these questions yourself after reading reviews and listening to other people's experiences.

  • How can I choose the right vehicle transport company?
  • How can I calculate the shipping cost of my car?
  • Which is the best car shipping company in America?
  • Can you stuff things in a car that you are shipping?
  • Do you offer expedited shipping and door-to-door transportation?

People mistakenly assume that driving a car across the country is cheaper than shipping it. But the truth is very different once you consider gas, food, and any other costs associated with cross-country trips, as well as the future cost of wear.

Move Car makes it simple by streamlining pickups and deliveries, providing you with updates around the clock on your vehicle, and taking care of the details so that you can get settled in. Call the company and ask for an agent to book your order. When you call, be sure to have all the relevant information about your vehicle.

These are just a few of the reasons Move Car is widely regarded as the best auto transport company:

Personalized approach: We work closely with you throughout every step of your auto transport. Move Car is your best choice for hassle-free shipping. It's easy and painless to ship with us.

We have a dedicated advisor who works tirelessly to find the best solution for each car we transport across the country. They will keep an eye on your shipment 24 hours a day.

Extended hours We are more than a 9-5 car shipping company. We're available 24/7 and work long hours. We're always available to answer any questions you might have about vehicle transportation.

15K car carrier network: We have vetted our car haulers to ensure that your vehicle is transported by industry professionals.

No upfront payment: That's right, $0 Once the carrier is dispatched, we will charge you.

Insurance coverage. Insurance coverage will be included in your shipping quote. Before being accepted into our carrier network, haulers must have insurance.