Posted on 01/19/22

There Are Many Types Of Car Transport Trucks

There Are Many Types Of Car Transport Trucks

Today, there are many car transport trucks. There are many options available, from small single-car haulers to large ten-car monsters to flatbed trucks that can handle larger freight. There are thousands of carriers and tens to thousands of drivers in auto transport.

You want your vehicle to arrive safely and securely. Move Car offers quality service at an affordable price. Our dispatch team works hard to make sure you get the truck that suits your needs. Every carrier we send to pick up a car is highly rated, licensed, and insured.

There is still a lot of variety in the shipping options for your vehicle. We'll be covering some of the most popular cars transport trucks. We will explain their operation, how they can be used best, and what you might expect to see if you order your shipment from us.

How do you determine which car-transport truck is the best?

There is no right or wrong answer unless it's flatbed transportation. Flatbeds can be great for moving vehicles that are too large to fit in standard car haulers.

If you are shipping a daily driver, then any type of truck will work. As it is the most common service level, most are shipped on an open carrier. Open Transport trucks transport vehicles open to the elements. This is why the name.

Although enclosed transportation is an option, it is usually reserved for higher-priced vehicles. You can transport a vehicle that you use every day on an enclosed trailer but you might be paying for something you don't need. Each option has its own pros and cons. We'll discuss these in detail in the next sections.

You want to get the best bang for your buck, it is safe to say. An open transport truck will work well if your vehicle is regularly driven. It is cheaper than other options and will still provide excellent protection for your vehicle. Open transport trucks are better than driving your car. This will reduce the wear on your engine and tires and save you money on fuel and other expenses associated with long road trips.

Continue reading to find out the pros and cons of each type of truck. While we'll be covering some configurations, you won't be able to choose from all of them. Trucks will be assigned to carriers based on your availability and nearness.

There are many types of open-cargo trucks

There are many packages available for open car transport trucks. The most popular package is the ten car hauler. It can be seen in this picture. These are great and economical ways to ship vehicles across the country. Because they can haul ten vehicles at once, carriers are able to lower their costs and keep prices competitive. They can also ship many different vehicles, including SUVs, minivans, and pickup trucks (usually).

The ten-car hauler may not be the only type on the road. Flatbed trucks are also quite common with three-car haulers. Flatbed haulers may sometimes only move regular cars if there isn't enough oversize freight available. This increases their freight pool.

Three-car haulers aren't often able to run national routes. They tend to be more regional. They are more likely to operate within one state, such as Florida and Georgia. These routes are shorter and enable them to maintain their prices at a level with traditional ten car haulers. They don't have to buy a larger truck.

There are also five- and six-car haulers. These tend to be regional but some can run national routes if they can get freight at a fair price.

We've already mentioned that you can't usually choose the size of truck to transport your vehicle. Longer shipments are usually hauled by ten-car trucks. It doesn't matter if you live in intrastate or outer-state, smaller shipments are more common.

Open car transport trucks: pros and cons

Open shipping is best for vehicles that are regularly driven, as we have already mentioned. Open transport trucks have a major advantage in that they are affordable, especially since the vehicles they ship are often daily drivers.

Most people don't worry about dirt or minor dents on their cars. For those who are more concerned with price, open transport is the best option. Prices for all services continue to rise in this modern age. For many people, the cost of shipping is almost prohibitive. To keep freight costs low, carriers need to be able to charge as little as possible while still making money.

If your budget is limited, it is a great idea to use an open transport truck. Carriers can haul multiple cars at once, which allows them to charge less per vehicle and still make a profit.

Open transport can cause vehicles to be damaged. Open transport trucks can be damaged by inclement weather like hailstones or road debris. There is a higher risk of getting damaged. There is also the possibility of it being damaged if you are driving it yourself. Transport trucks are actually safer than driving because they're higher up.

Everything you need to know about enclosed car transport trucks

Enclosed transport trucks are enclosed, which means that they do not leave vehicles exposed to the elements.

Because enclosed trucks protect vehicles better than open trucks, they are very useful. However, not everyone requires an enclosed truck.

The customer who? They are the one who sends their car, which they drive only on weekends.

Shipping enclosed or open can be done by anyone. This is not a service reserved for high-end vehicles. It is usually because shipping enclosed is more expensive than shipping open.

Enclosed shipping is not as popular as open shipping. In fact, it's only a fraction. Enclosed trucks are limited to shipping 2-6 vehicles per hour. They can't handle the volume of an open transporter.

This is what really drives up the price. We talked about how open haulers can lower prices per vehicle by shipping up to ten vehicles at once. Enclosed haulers must cover the same distance and incur the same expenses. They can't charge more than ten people to use their truck. They have to charge more per vehicle in order to make ends work.

This is why people are often forced to choose an open-hauler even though they want to be enclosed. For most vehicles, the price rise is not financially feasible.

Flatbed trucks and their uses

As we have mentioned, flatbed trucks are made to transport large, heavy, and difficult-to-move items and vehicles.

Flatbed haulers can also move other things. They can transport almost anything that isn't incredibly heavy or overweight unless other special transportation options are needed.

Flatbed carriers can drive regular cars? If the route is very short, it may happen occasionally. Flatbed transporters operate under the same conditions as enclosed transporters, except that they are required to charge more per unit. Because they can haul heavy, large vehicles, there isn't much demand for flatbed services, particularly long-distance. Think construction equipment and the like.

Are you familiar with big bulldozers or other heavy equipment that can be seen on the roads, pulling big trucks? It's called a flatbed. You can fit cars on it. Flatbed haulers won't take the time to load 2-3 cars onto their bed when they can do more with a crane.

It's possible. If you need to ship heavy equipment, flatbed hauling is the best option. Flatbed hauling costs are more expensive than open or enclosed shipping. If you need to transport heavy equipment or a pickup truck, we recommend that you call us for a quote.

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