Posted on 07/05/22

10 Questions About Car Shipping Costs Answered

10 Questions About Car Shipping Costs Answered

There are many factors that influence the cost of shipping a car.

Move Car wants you, the person paying the bill to be more familiar with how it is calculated. A trusted company is the best and most reliable way to make sure you are getting a fair rate.

Move Car  Auto Transport offers an online quote tool that provides instant auto shipping estimates. Understanding the cost of car shipping is only the first step. Scroll down to find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about car shipping.

What are the rules?

  • Shipping larger vehicles is usually more expensive than shipping smaller ones.
  • It will be cheaper to travel for shorter distances than it would move your car from one state to another.
  • You will likely need to pay more if your vehicle needs to be there in a hurry.

Consider the car's size and weight when calculating its cost. A Chevy Tahoe, or another full-size SUV, will take up more space on the truck than a Honda Civic.

The shipping cost will be slightly higher because the larger vehicle takes up space that could have been used by another customer who is fully paying. Your vehicle that is heavier than an average car will result in a higher shipping cost. Transport trucks must follow weight limits.

Continue reading to learn how you can get started on all your auto transport questions.

Should I ship with an auto transporter or a local one?

There are many auto transport companies. Guess what? All these car transporters are competing for your business both locally and nationally.

Move Car, a company that manages auto transport, works with thousands of truckers to provide services. Although smaller, local companies may use smaller flatbed or car carriers to transport your vehicle from Point A to B, delivery times can be longer.

Smaller car transporters will likely increase the cost of car shipping across the country. This is likely because they may not be able to execute long routes or have the resources necessary to complete your order in time.

Overall, it is better to ship with a larger company.

Should I ship to a larger auto transport firm?

Probably. Be wary of auto transport companies that offer to move your car for an eye-opening low cost.

You might have to pay more or look for another car transporter. You will likely have to jump through hoops in order to recover your deposit if you paid one.

The heavy-duty trucks can carry up to 12 cars and are used by large auto transport companies across the country. As we mentioned, smaller or local businesses might not have the same resources as a larger company like Move car. When you think about shipping a car, remember that you will "get what your pay for."

Quality service is the best option when you pay to keep your car safe.

Is it cheaper to ship a car from a major urban area?

It is most likely. When you schedule your transport, pick-up and drop-off locations will be important. You will find many trucks moving in and out of your area to transport loads. These areas are densely populated so truck drivers have more chances to pick up cars and make more money. Customers will generally pay less for these vehicles.

How much more expensive is shipping a car from rural areas?

It is most likely. Cars will usually travel faster along more traveled routes and cost less.

The logistics of shipping routes are very similar to airline routes. You can often wait until the last minute to purchase tickets between large cities.

Are you flying from a regional or small airport? You should consider booking last-minute flights with a larger company. A smaller company will offer you fewer options, which can result in more money being spent on your behalf. This is yet another reason to choose a larger company instead of a smaller one.

Another rule of thumb is that the further your vehicle travels, the more expensive shipping costs (in terms of gas) will be. You'll be able to see why car shipping costs are higher in rural areas if you take into account the additional time it takes for the trucker.

What should I do if I have to ship a car quickly?

Rush delivery can mean high prices. People who have to ship vehicles right away will likely pay more.

Because they spend so much time organizing pickups and deliveries, auto transport companies can move as many cars. You can get expedited service, whether it's faster pickups or faster deliveries. For the extra effort required by a car transporter to get the delivery done quickly, you will pay more.

Booking as early as possible is the best way to ensure the best-case scenario. When you are certain that you will be moving, start looking for auto transport companies. Get quotes right away so you can choose the best transporter.

Are car shipping costs more expensive during summer?

Shipping in the summer is more expensive, especially if you are shipping from the city.

Many people will tell you that shipping cars in winter are more expensive. However, if your car is being transported across the country in summer, and you're leaving from a major metropolitan area, it may be possible to find that your route is not the norm.

Auto transport companies often charge higher prices in the summer when cars are being collected or delivered to urban centers. Because there is more demand for shipping to cities during the summer months, and because the roads between major destinations become congested with tourists, this is why many auto transport companies charge more. Truckers spend more on fuel when there is more congestion.

Are winter shipping costs more expensive?

Possibly. Winter tends to bring more expensive car shipping.

Why? You might think that shipping costs would be lower in the south during winter due to the weather effects. The reality is that there are more people, including retirees, who travel south in winter to enjoy warmer weather. Auto transport companies increase their rates because of increased demand from snowbirds who schedule their bi-annual deliveries.

You can ship your car from or to harsh climate areas by using an enclosed carrier. However, this will cost you more.

Can I use an enclosed trailer?

Open transport is more cost-effective because it allows the vehicle to be exposed to the elements, weather, and other elements.

However, enclosed transport may be preferred by customers who ship rare cars or luxury vehicles or sports cars. It protects the vehicle from the sun, wind, rain, and other elements during transportation, which is why it is more expensive than shipping via open transport.

However, this doesn't make it less secure. Open transport is the most common method of shipping new cars to dealerships.

What is the cost of shipping a car to a military base?

Move Car makes it simple by streamlining pickup and deliveries, providing you with around-the-clock updates on your vehicle, and taking care of the details so that you can concentrate on getting settled in.

Active and retired personnel are eligible for a slight discount. You can also claim Monetary Allowance In Lieu of Transportation (MALT) if you are not interested in shipping military cars.