Posted on 12/21/21

How To Ship An SUV

How To Ship An SUV

Shipping an SUV can be more complex than shipping a smaller vehicle due to its larger size and unique features. SUVs come in different types, such as compact, mid-size, and full-size, each with its own requirements for transport. In this article, we will discuss how to ship an SUV and what factors to consider when choosing a car shipping company.

Choosing a Car Shipping Company

When selecting a car shipping company, there are several factors to consider. First, it is important to choose a company with a good reputation and experience in car shipping. Look for online reviews and testimonials from previous customers to ensure that the company has a track record of providing quality service. Second, make sure that the company is properly licensed and insured to transport vehicles. This will protect you in case of any damage or loss during transport. Finally, compare quotes from multiple companies to make sure that you are getting a fair price for the services you need.

Preparing Your SUV for Transport

Before shipping your SUV, it is important to prepare it for transport. This includes cleaning it inside and out to ensure that it is in good condition for transport. Remove any personal items from the vehicle and secure loose items such as floor mats, GPS devices, and other accessories. If there are any special requirements or features of your SUV, be sure to communicate these to the car shipping company.

Choosing the Right Type of Car Carrier

There are two main types of car carriers: open and enclosed trailers. Open trailers are more commonly used and are less expensive than enclosed trailers. They are also more suitable for short-distance transport. It's crucial to get your car ready for winter travel. Verify the state of your tires, and for better stability, think about using winter tires. Make sure your battery, brakes, and other crucial components are in functioning order by checking them. Maintain an emergency supply pack in your car that includes necessities like flashlights, drinks, and blankets.

Loading and Securing Your SUV

When loading and securing your SUV onto the car carrier, it is important to follow the proper procedures to ensure that your vehicle is securely fastened and protected during transport. Use wheel straps to secure your SUV to the carrier and check the suspension to ensure that it is in good condition. Make sure that all doors and windows are securely closed and that the keys are left with the car shipping company. If you have any worries or inquiries about the loading and securing process, be sure to communicate these to the car shipping company.

Tracking and Communication During Transport

One of the most important aspects of shipping an SUV is staying in touch with the car shipping company throughout the transport process. This will enable you to monitor the development of your SUV and handle any problems that might occur. The majority of auto transport businesses offer reports on the whereabouts of your car and anticipated arrival dates, which can be viewed online or through a customer service representative.

It's crucial to let the vehicle shipping business know about any particular instructions or worries you may have. For instance, be sure to inform the business in advance if you have a particular dispatch date or window of time.

Additionally, if your SUV requires any special handling or storage during transport, such as a cover or climate-controlled environment, make sure to communicate this to the company as well.

The role of the car shipping company is to ensure that your SUV is transported safely and efficiently. This includes taking measures to protect your vehicle from damage during loading, unloading, and transport. The car shipping business should give you updates and work with you to find a fast solution if any problems occur during transit, such as delays or damage to the vehicle.

Receiving Your SUV at the Destination

Before approving the transport of your SUV, it's crucial to thoroughly examine it once it has reached its location for any damages or problems. This will enable you to recognize any issues that might have cropped up during transit and take the necessary steps to resolve them.

When inspecting your SUV, be sure to take detailed notes and photos of any damages or issues you observe. This documentation will be important if you need to file a claim with the car shipping company or your insurance provider. Additionally, if you notice any damage or issues that were not present before transport, make sure to inform the car shipping company immediately.


There are a few crucial measures you should take when transporting an SUV in order to guarantee a hassle-free and secure journey. Working with a reliable car transportation business with expertise in moving big cars like SUVs is crucial, whether you're moving to a new state or need to move your car for any other reason. The essential measures to take when shipping an SUV are outlined in this piece, along with the significance of working with a reputable and knowledgeable auto shipping company.

In conclusion, shipping an SUV requires careful planning and preparation, as well as working with a reputable car shipping provider that specializes in handling large vehicles. By following these key steps and working with an experienced car shipping company, you can ensure a safe and stress-free transport process for your SUV. Remember to choose a car shipping company with a proven track record of success, and always take the time to inspect your vehicle carefully upon delivery