Posted on 05/03/21

How To Arrange Auto Transport For Your Vehicle

How To Arrange Auto Transport For Your Vehicle

You can ship your car for many reasons, including relocating for work, planning a long-term vacation, or moving a vintage car for an auto show. Shipping your car is safer than driving it yourself or towing it. It doesn't increase your car's mileage or cause damage to your tires. It is also safer than driving your car yourself, and it's less stressful.

You may be intimidated by the auto shipping process. Move Car Auto Transport has a helpful guide that will help you arrange the car shipping to any vehicle.

You can plan your car shipment well in advance

Before you book your car shipment, make sure to pinpoint your travel dates. The earlier you plan, the better. It is important to choose a time frame that you can work with. Auto transport companies might not be able to pick up your vehicle or deliver it on a particular day due to changes in shipment requirements and travel times. You can save money by shipping your car during off-seasons like early spring and late fall.

Also, consider your budget as well as any special requests or needs for the shipment. You might consider enclosed auto transport if you are shipping an exotic, rare, collectible, or vintage vehicle. This will protect it from the elements. Open auto transport is also available at a lower cost. You can also get guaranteed pickup dates at a higher price. This could be the best option if you have a tight deadline.

Find the best auto transport company for you

You should look for reliable car shipping companies that can transport cars nationwide. Ask for feedback from friends and family who have recently shipped vehicles. Ask them about their experiences with the companies and how much they paid. You can search online for information about any transport company you are interested in and look up reviews on sites like Better Business Bureau and TrustPilot. You can keep your mind from becoming overwhelmed by too many companies.

For quotes, contact auto transport companies

You can use the list to contact each company and request a quote. This process can be completed online by visiting the websites of each company and entering your vehicle details. Either you'll receive a quote immediately (preferable), or a representative will contact you by email or phone to discuss your shipping requirements.

When getting quotes, make sure you include all pertinent information, including whether or not your vehicle is currently inoperable. This will impact the price. Keep in mind that quotes are only estimates and can change over time. The final price you pay for shipping your car might be higher than the one you received.

Get your auto transport shipment booked

After you have received your quotes and selected the best auto transport company, book your shipment. To ensure you are fully informed about your options before you speak with representatives, make sure to write down any questions. Ask about insurance details, cancellation policies, as well as contact information for the trucker who will pick up or deliver your vehicle.

Get your car ready for the trip

After you have booked your order, it is time to get ready for pickup. All documentation should be kept safe, including your photo ID, booking confirmation, proof that you have insurance, and your registration. Although the auto transport company will provide insurance for the shipment, it is a good idea that you double-check your policy or talk to your insurance representative before. You or someone you trust must be present for pickup and delivery. Make arrangements in advance to avoid any delays.

Check your car for dents and scratches. Check that your fuel tank is at least halfway full, and that the battery is fully charged. Keep an eye on the weather conditions that your car will be traveling through to check the fluid levels. Take all personal items out, especially EZ Pass holders, from your car. They can be accidentally scanned at tolls.

Send your vehicle for shipping

Within the time scheduled, a truck will pick up your vehicle for transportation. You will be kept informed by the auto transport company when the truck arrives. The driver will hand you a bill to the lad. This is an agreement between the auto transport company and you that describes the item being shipped and its condition before it's loaded onto a truck. This document should be reviewed with the driver as you will need it to inspect the vehicle once it arrives.

Receive your vehicle at your destination

The auto transport company should keep you informed about your vehicle's progress throughout transport and inform you when it will arrive at its destination. You will review the bill with the truck driver upon delivery to ensure that your vehicle is in the same state as it was when you picked it up. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the shipping company immediately. Relax, you are done!