Posted on 05/03/21

How To Arrange Auto Transport For Your Vehicle

How To Arrange Auto Transport For Your Vehicle

While we often move around and travel long distances because of our vehicles, there are some times when you would want to move your vehicle from one place to another using auto transport. There could be many reasons behind the transport of a vehicle including relocating for work, bringing an auctioned or brand new vehicle home, or even for a long term vacation to a distant place where you would need your vehicle for commutation. 

While some people might ask the question “why is there a need for auto transport, when we can easily drive it to the destination ourselves?”, of course you can do that but it will be a risky decision. Driving long miles on unsafe highways makes your vehicle likely to get damaged by an accident. Additionally, it will add unnecessary mileage and wear to your vehicle. Therefore, the most feasible option for you to move your vehicle to a distant location is using auto transport offered by a reliable auto shipping company like Move Car auto transport. 

Now that you know why auto transport is a safe choice for relocation of a vehicle, a question may arise in your mind, “how to arrange auto transport for your vehicle?” Because, there are many complexities associated with the auto transport process and you may feel intimidated because of these complexities. Fortunately, Move Car auto transport has an answer to this question, that will be enough to relieve all the confusions in your mind.  We have put together a step by step guide to help you arrange auto transport for your vehicle. Further details are given below:

Plan The Shipping of Your Car in Advance:

The very first thing you need to do while shipping your car is planning the whole process in advance. Make sure you determine your desired travel dates before booking your car for shipment. It will be better for you to plan this way before you actually want your car to be shipped. Opt for a window of acceptable dates, because, oftentimes car shipping companies are not able to pick up or drop off your vehicle on a particular day. This happens because of variable shipping requirements and travel times. Moreover, some seasons tend to be busier for car companies compared to the rest of the year. In case, if you get a chance to ship your car in off-season days like early spring or late fall, you will be able to save some money. 

In addition to looking for desired dates, consider your budget as well. There are also some specific shipping needs of your vehicle, that may need to be considered before booking the transport of your vehicle. For instance, if you own a luxury, exotic, or classic car, you may want to ship it with added safety measures. Enclosed auto shipping method would be a much safer option for such a vehicle.

Carry Out Some Market Analysis Before Choosing Any Auto Shipping Company:

This is really important, overlooking this step may leave you regretting in the end. Make sure to choose a reputable company and make use of every source you can to find out which company provides the best car shipping services near you. Try reaching out to people who have shipped their vehicle one or more times to learn about their experience with various companies. They will tell you about the expenses they have bore and the type of vehicles they have shipped. Additionally, browse the web for more details and check out Google for reviews about different car shipping companies. In order to avoid being overwhelmed, make a list of 3 to 5 companies that you think are good and then search for reviews on the web.

Ask for the Quotes from the Companies You Have Shortlisted:

As we already discussed, in order to avoid being overwhelmed you need to make a list of 3 to 5 companies that you think are good. Once you have shortlisted those companies, on the basis of market analysis, and positive reputation, it is time for you to ask them for car shipping quotes. It should be noted that it is not necessary that you will get a similar quote from each company. Just keep an eye out for the unrealistic ones, some companies may provide you with an unbelievably low car shipping quote, which is a mere estimation and when the vehicle transport carrier gets arranged you may have to pay several hundred dollars more than what you were told. On the other hand, some companies like Move Car auto transport provide their customers with fixed or binding quotes that remain applicable for the next 30 days. These quotes don’t change even if there is a very high fluctuation in any price-determining factor. Additionally, You don’t have to make much effort to get the quote, you can simply browse the website of companies like Move Car or call their customer support to get an instant quote. Just make sure that you have included all the necessary information about your vehicle that is to be shipped and in order to get a highly accurate quote, give zip codes in the address section. 

Book the Shipment of Your Car:

Once you are done with getting the quotes from different companies, it is time to opt for the most feasible one and book the shipment of your vehicle. Jot down any questions or confusions you have in your mind to ensure that you have got all the bases covered before booking the shipment of your car. Moreover, it is essential to ask from the representatives about the details such as insurance information, cancellation policies, or any other relevant details like the contact information of the trucker who is responsible for delivering the vehicle  and its destination. Now, after booking, it is time to prepare your vehicle for shipment. Make sure you gathered all the information about your vehicle at a safe place before handing it over to the shipping company or the trucker. Additionally, make sure that you or your trusted one is present at the time of pick up and drop off of the vehicle.