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Move Car offers collector car shipping services at the best price.

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Move Car offers collector car shipping services at the best price.

Collector car transport services

Shipping companies don't care about the term you use. The shipping company is only concerned about transporting vehicles safely from one place to the next. As a premium service, these companies offer collector cars transport. These cars are extremely rare and highly valuable. It should be a top priority to transport them without causing damage.

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Locate the best collector car shipping company

It is easy to find a car-hauling company. You will find many options online. Before you settle for any shipping company, make sure to do your research.


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Asking other car enthusiasts and museum restorers to recommend a good collector car transport business is the best way to find one. You should ensure that the company you choose is familiar with classic cars. You will need to have safety precautions in place and specialized equipment.

Visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration site to determine the credibility and reputation of a shipping firm. You can also view the safety records and insurance status of auto transport companies.

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Transport costs for a collector car

When you are looking for services from any company, price is an important consideration. It is not a good idea to base your decision on the price of collector car transport. It is unreasonable to expect that the cost of transporting a collector car will be the same as the cost of transporting a regular car. Because of the use of specialized equipment and safety precautions, the cost is higher. For a comprehensive and free quote on classic car shipping, contact this company.

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Enclosed transport

Enclosed transport is the first safety measure collector car owners should take. It is protected from damage caused by wind, rain, extreme sun, or road debris.

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If you're transporting a collector car for restoration purposes, open-air transport is a better option. Shipping companies may charge additional fees to transport non-operable vehicles. This type of transport requires a lot more labor and specialized equipment. When requesting a quote, be clear about the condition and age of the collector car.

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Additional safety precautions should be taken

The condition of a classic car is just as important as its value. Shipping companies take extra precautions to transport classic cars. These precautions include:

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  • Transporting the car both interior and exterior should be covered, even if it is enclosed.
  • Smooth transit by using air ride suspension
  • Use a hydraulic lift gate for safe loading and unloading
  • Use wall-mounted brackets or floor-mounted brackets
  • Use nylon straps to avoid scratching
  • To avoid damage to the chassis, use wheel nets
  • To protect your car from possible leakages, install drip guarding

Talk to auto transport companies in-depth about the safety measures that they can use. Shipping costs will increase if you require more safety measures.

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Coverage for insurance

Any damage to the vehicle while in their care is the responsibility of the shipping company. These shipping companies may have insurance policies that cover these damages. You should still verify what damage their policy covers. You can ask for a copy of the policy details and then call the insurance company to verify that they are current.

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Is your collector car covered by insurance? This policy may not cover damages in transit. This, along with the possibility that your carrier might have a limit on liability, is enough reason to buy more coverage. Look for a policy that covers the cost of replacing your classic car.

Take photos of your car before and after delivery to increase the certainty of damage claims.

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How to prepare for pickup

Once you have found the right company to transport your collectible car, it is time to get ready for pick-up. To reduce the risk of a fire accident, drain the tank before you ship any vehicle. Clean the classic and take out all valuables. Turn off your alarm.

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Send detailed instructions to the shipping company about your car. Provide instructions for how to start the car and inform them of any fuel cut-off switches.

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Delivery timeframe

Delivery times depend on the distance and the location of your destination. Delivery can take as little as a few days to several weeks depending on the distance and location of the destination. You can pay extra for expedited shipping if your order is urgent or if you are concerned about security.

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Expert car transport is the best. This is the only way to ensure your classic car moves from one place to another safely and in a reasonable time.

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