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Find the best car shipping deal across the country with Move Car Auto Transport

Car Shipping Across Country | Move Car Auto Transport

Move your car anywhere across the country

Looking to ship car across country? We have substantial resources and a strong network of auto shipping carriers to satisfy your vehicle shipping needs across the states. Contact us to move your car from one city to another or from state to state and get the best car shipping across country deals with Move Car auto transport. Get a free quote today to move car across country.

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Move Car auto transport is one of the leading car shipping companies across the states. We are providing quality vehicle shipping services across the country for years. We offer a number of transportation modes to satisfy the auto shipping needs of a wide range of customers and businesses. Move Car auto transport makes sure that every single vehicle shipped through us reaches its destination safely and quickly. Get a free quote to ship car across country.


Quality Services, Affordable Shipping Charges

Whether you are shipping your car city to city or state to state, Move Car is here to help you do that without any hassle. We will provide you with quality services, affordable shipping charges, and the best vehicle shipping deals. Get in touch today to move car across country.

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We have a streamlined process to satisfy the needs of our customers through a variety of channels. Customers willing to ship their car from one state to another or looking for inter-city shipping can either pay us a visit, call us, or visit our website to know about various shipping modes offered by us and get instant price quotes for the shipping process of your vehicle and ship car across country.


Quick transport across the states

Move Car auto transport makes sure that the vehicles booked for cross country car shipping move at a steady rate to ensure their delivery in a said timeline. This means that the trucks assigned with cross country auto shipping tasks will travel up to 700 miles a day and the delivery of the vehicle may take around 1 to 9 business days for completion.

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Looking to ship car across country? We have always tried to make sure that the shipping process of vehicles booked through us goes in a smooth way. Our mission is to keep our customers totally free of hassles while their vehicle is getting shipped across the country. We make sure that our customers are getting timely updates about the shipping process of their vehicle and how much time is required to complete the process of delivery. Contact our customer services to move car across country.


Shipping a car across the country is simple

There is no need to think about the process too much, with Move Car it is as simple as booking a ride. You just have to follow some basic steps, and you are ready to go.

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All you need to do is work on some basic steps while booking the shipping of your vehicle state to state, city to city, or from any place across the country to any other place in the country. Just make sure you are working on the steps to keep your vehicle shipping experience hassle-free. First, you have to specify the destination where you want your vehicle to be shipped, after that, you need to determine the timeline of the process and specify the pickup and delivery dates. All of this can be easily done using our website, or you can call Move Car to do the same. Once you have done this, get a price quote from us and book your vehicle for the shipping process by confirming the transaction. As soon as you confirm the transaction from your end, we will notify you about the assigned trucker who will haul your vehicle across the country. The trucker will contact you and ask you about the feasible time for the pickup of your vehicle. Get in touch to ship car across country.


Choose the vehicle shipping mode according to your requirements

Move Car auto transport offers multiple vehicle transportation types to fit the various needs of our customers. Our customers can choose any auto transportation mode from open auto transport, enclosed car shipping, door to door auto transport, or expedited vehicle shipping as per their requirements and budget. Get a free quote to move car across country.

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Open car transport is the most used auto shipping type by the customers of Move Car auto transport. The reason behind the selection of open car transport type by the majority of customers is it is budget-friendly and the auto shipping carriers for open car transport are readily available for the shipping tasks as compared to other modes of auto shipping. Enclosed vehicle shipping mode is usually opted by the owners of luxury, exotic, and classic cars who want their vehicles to be delivered safely without any damage. Additionally, the enclosed auto transport type keeps vehicles safe from harsh weather and other elements. Door to door transport is one of the easiest transportation types and liked by the customers who are looking for ultimate comfort while shipping their cars. This process is just like ordering a product from an online retail store. The truck will arrive at the door of the customers or the nearest safe place for the pickup of their vehicle and drop it off at their doorstep or the safest place nearby like a parking plaza or a ground. Some customers are looking for the quickest possible delivery of their vehicles and expedited car shipping mode fits their needs. They just have to specify the transportation mode and the trucker will prioritize your task over everything else and make sure that your vehicle reaches its destination first and gets safely delivered to its drop off location. This may involve changing the schedule or even the route to deliver your vehicle at the specified location first on the specified date. All these methods are offered by Move Car to its customers to fit their budget and specific requirements, customers can choose any of these methods for safe shipping of their vehicles with Move Car auto transport. Get a free quote to ship car across country.


What is cross-country vehicle shipping?

Cross-country vehicle shipping is a service that allows cars to be moved from one state to another or from one city to the next. Cargo transport drivers travel approximately 500-700 miles per day and deliver within 1-9 business days of booking. Some pickup or drop-off locations (e.g. Hawaii) might take longer. For an additional fee, some companies offer expedited pickup or delivery.


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What is the cost of shipping a car across the country?

Shipping a car across country costs around $1.96/mile (500-500 miles) and $588 for 300 miles. Car shipping costs to medium distances cost $.93/mile (5500-1500mi) or $930 (1500-1000mi). Long distance costs (1500+ mile) cost $.58/mile, or $870 for 1500.

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How do you ship your car across the country the most efficiently?

This step-by-step guide will show you how to move a car across the country.


  • Choose the destination that you wish to ship to/from
  • Choose your pick-up and delivery dates
  • Look for a reliable car shipping company
  • Get a quote
  • Book your order
  • Take your car to the garage
shipping a car across the country

How do you ship a car across the country safely?

It can be difficult to hand your car over to one of the nation's automobile transport companies. Your car is most likely the second-most expensive item in your household, and it may also have sentimental value. When shipping your car across country, there are many things you should consider.

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Although long-distance auto transport has its challenges, you don't need to worry about them. Move Car has a vast network of carriers that covers the whole US. We take pride in offering multiple long-distance shipping options, all of which will get your vehicle to its destination. Remember that distance greatly affects the cost of shipping a car across the country.

We understand how important your vehicle is to you. That's why we offer a personal approach to cross-country car transport. This includes dedicated customer service, monitoring around the clock, regular updates and insurance coverage for your security.

It can be difficult to hand your car over to one of the nation's top auto transport companies. Your car is most likely the second-most expensive item in your household, and it may also have sentimental value. There are many things to consider when shipping your car across the country

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Factors to Consider while shipping your car across the country

Consider these factors when shipping your car across country:

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Booking as early as possible is the best way to ensure the best case scenario. Move Car is able to provide expedited service, which can be a faster pickup or delivery, but at a slightly higher cost. We'll streamline pickup and delivery so you have constant updates about your vehicle. Move Car allows you to change your delivery dates before your vehicle leaves, if necessary.

Type of transport

Open auto transport is the most popular option for Move Car customers. This is the most economical way to ship a vehicle across country. This type of transport will typically be the most cost-effective for shipping cars across country. However, you should consider an enclosed transport to protect your vehicle from road debris and weather over long distances if you are transporting a luxury or classic vehicle.

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It can take up two weeks to ship a car across the country. Move customers are able to receive their cars in less time than the national average (without having to pay a higher shipping cost). provides an estimate of shipping times.


Although we do not yet have an online tracking option for cars, it is being developed! We will continue to provide as much information as we can for our customers until we have the transport car across country tracking feature. Our dedicated advisors will monitor your vehicle 24/7 and provide regular status updates via email and phone.


Move Car only uses vetted car carriers with experience shipping cars across the nation. We understand the cost of moving a car across the country. We do this to make sure your vehicle arrives in good condition and on time.


Let's just say that we are proficient in transporting cars across the country. Move Car transports more than 200 cars per day but still finds time to provide the personal attention each customer deserves. We pay attention to every detail when shipping cars across the country. This ensures that you receive the best service possible for the price.

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