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Move Car voted #1 in Louisiana as the best auto transport services company.

Car Transport Louisiana Near Me

Louisiana is best known for its Mardi Gras celebrations at the start of each year in New Orleans. The Creole State offers more than meets the eyes. There is amazing BBQ in Baton Rouge and beautiful scenic locations along the bayous around the coast.

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Louisiana car transportation allows visitors to this state to enjoy many facets, including cruising through the countryside and exploring New Orleans.

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Car Shipping Companies Near Me

Are you looking for auto transport companies in Louisiana? Did know that you could drive north from New Orleans and arrive in Seattle in just 40 hours? This doesn't include stopping for a break or taking a well-deserved rest. We might find it crazy to say that, so we will agree with you. You may need assistance in transporting your vehicle. Our professional drivers will safely get you there no matter where it is.

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Tips For Using Louisiana Car Transport Companies

These are some key points to remember when you're looking for Louisiana auto shipping services.

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  • Take into account the season: If you are looking to book auto transport around Mardi Gras with a car shipping firm, expect to pay a higher cost for shipping a vehicle. Because it is much more difficult to get into and out of New Orleans during this time of the year, you should expect to pay a higher price. During Mardi Gras, there is a lot of tourist activity. Make sure to keep this in mind when you book Louisiana auto transport.
  • You need to decide where you want to go: Even if your car is shipped to Louisiana, it's still important to plan your trip and ensure your vehicle can get you there.
  • When choosing an auto transport company in Louisiana, consider the rates. Above all, make sure that they are capable of shipping your car to any location in Louisiana. You are already paying enough to travel or relocate so you want the best auto transport rates. Before shipping a car, make sure to check the instant quote details. For both personal and commercial vehicles, you can find a car shipping quote that includes a damage-free guarantee.

Louisiana auto transport makes it easy to move around, whether you're enjoying the great times and eating authentic Creole cuisine or exploring the beautiful bayous of Louisiana.

For more information about Louisiana auto transport and car shipping services, visit the Louisiana Department of Transportation website.

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Long Distance Auto Transport from/to Louisiana

Our industry is most familiar with long-distance car shipping requests. We can accommodate any car, regardless of where it is located. The majority of transports are via an enclosed or open carrier. However, in certain cases, a car shipping company may use ships.

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The areas that trains can travel are limited, but planes are more accessible and cost-effective for most clients. They can also be difficult to book. The auto transport industry is heavily dependent on shipping and car carriers. Car shipping companies can transport your car anywhere within the United States or to neighboring countries.

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Cheap Car Transport Services to Louisiana

Louisiana's auto transport costs can be reduced by using an open carrier, terminals, and our seasonal offerings. If you qualify, we also offer discounts.

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In the auto transport industry, open carriers are more prevalent than enclosed ones. These carriers arrive faster at their destination and offer more protection from the elements and road debris. Louisiana car shipping is more expensive because of this.

Open carriers are safe and can deliver more vehicles per hour, but this is no problem for most customers.

When you ask for a car shipping company to open a carrier, make sure to mention your terminals. It is possible to find one nearby, which makes it convenient and economical. We can pick up your vehicle from you directly if you prefer, but you will be charged extra for fuel and time for Louisiana auto transport.

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Luxury and Classic Cars for Shipping in Louisiana

An open car transport service is cheaper, but moving a vintage or classic cars in an enclosed vehicle transport provides more security and speed. Covered transportation is an option if you plan to transport luxury vehicles to Louisiana.

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Enclosed haulers have higher insurance policies due to the value of their cargo. However, this extra protection makes it less likely that your vintage or exotic cars will be stolen. Remember to get rid of all personal items as the car carrier won't offer insurance on them.

Open carriers can transport multiple vehicles simultaneously, while enclosed auto carriers usually transport classic or luxurious cars in one or two pieces. Drivers do not have to make detours in order to drop off other vehicles. This American auto shipping method is best if you need your car to arrive quickly.

Enclosed trailers can also be used to protect luxury vehicles from weather elements such as dirt and grime. Enclosed auto transport is recommended for protecting expensive vehicles while they are being transported, whether to Louisiana or other states. The easy auto ship companies may offer a free wash for your car.

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Louisiana Special Discounts on Auto Shipping

You can ship POVs cheaply using our special discounts on Louisiana car shipping. These discounts are available to military personnel, seniors, and students. Even if you are not a member of these groups but wish to save as much money as possible, you can call us anytime to inquire about our seasonal auto transport deals.

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We are the best Louisiana car shipping company and offer discounts for cars and heavy equipment.

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Safety Measures for Auto Transport in Louisiana

The vehicle is insured for the duration of the transport. It does not cover all situations, but you can purchase additional insurance.

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This insurance is rarely required. A trailer can hold cars and they cannot move while being transported. They are fixed together so that they don't cause damage to each other. They will not be damaged by the elements, but that is a risk every driver takes.

Our enclosed carrier services are recommended if you need to ship a valuable or expensive vehicle. The enclosed auto transport trucks protect your vehicle from any outside elements, even thieves. Our Louisiana auto transport companies offer this best option to ship vehicles.

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Requesting a price estimate for auto shipping

We can provide a quote for Louisiana car shipping. This may be the best option, especially if you have more complex transport.

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If your vehicle needs to be transported from a remote location, it may require more detailed calculations. These cases may result in higher car shipping costs.

If your shipment is simple, however, you can get auto shipping quotes online in just 2 steps. Please take the time to read and fill out this form. Our Louisiana auto transport team will respond to you in the shortest time possible.

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Louisiana Car Registration

You must complete the OMV car registration process in order to legally drive your vehicle on the streets. This can be done either by mail or in person. You will need to submit the following documents: the car's insurance policy and proof of ownership.

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The registration fee and taxes you will need to pay depend on the type of vehicle and where you live. You will need to show the original registration and title documents from the previous state if you are a Louisiana resident. It's always better to own your car than renting one.

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New Louisiana Residents Registration of Vehicles

You have a 30-day grace period as a Louisiana resident to register your vehicle at the OMV.


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To register your vehicle, you must have all your taxes paid. Louisiana requires you to pay a use tax. However, you can pass it on credit if you have paid a sales tax in your previous state.

Another requirement for registration is that your vehicle passes an inspection. Safety inspections are mandatory throughout the state, but emissions inspections may only be required in certain parishes.

Before you can submit yourself to the registration process, it is necessary to purchase a vehicle insurance policy. These are the documents that you need to submit to the OMV to register your vehicle and receive the final inspection report.

  • Completed application form
  • A driver's license
  • Current registration and title
  • An insurance document for your vehicle.
  • All taxes and fees must be paid
  • For payments made in another state, payment of sales tax or proof that credit has been provided

You can submit the application by mail or in person to your local OMV.

resident registration

Louisiana Residents Car Registration

You have 40 days to register your vehicle at the OMV if you just bought a new car. The registration can be done in person or via mail.

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The registration process for new and used vehicles is slightly different. These documents are required to register:

  • A completed application form
  • Current photo ID or driver’s license
  • Auto insurance proof is not required for vehicles purchased directly from a dealer.
  • To prove the purchase, an invoice or sale bill is required.
  • A document that proves ownership
  • For new vehicles, the original statement of the manufacturer, signed in your name
  • For used cars, the car's title and registration will be assigned to you.
  • For cars older than 10 years, an odometer statement is required.
  • All applicable taxes and fees must be paid.
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Louisiana State License Plates

In Louisiana, the Office of Motor Vehicles offers both standard and specialized plates. You must apply for specialized plates by completing a special application. You will be sent the standard version, otherwise.

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Please note that special plates will require you to pay an additional fee as well as fill out an additional form.

louisiana license plate

Vehicle Registration to the Louisiana Military

You will need to register if you are in the military. You are not required to pay any use tax.

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To claim exemption, you must provide:

  • Document proving that your sales tax was paid at the time of purchase
  • Documents that prove your military service:
  • Copy of your military identification document
  • In copy: The document that outlines your orders
  • An official document from your Commander stating that you are currently on active duty.
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