Posted on 01/11/23

Estimates And Times For Auto Transport

Estimates And Times For Auto Transport

The auto transport time is an important consideration when shipping a car. Many auto transport customers have to work or go to school. It is common for customers to coordinate air or moving truck travel. This makes it possible to pick the best time to transport their vehicles. Cross-country transport scheduling is not always possible to predict exactly when a vehicle will arrive. The industry standard is to give estimates of carrier arrival.

Factors that Affect Transport Times:

  • Distance: The farther the distance, the longer the transport time.
  • Route: The route taken by the transport carrier can affect the transport time, as some routes may be more efficient than others.
  • Weather: Inclement weather can cause delays and may affect transport times.
  • Season: During peak seasons (such as summer), there may be more demand for auto transport services, which can lead to longer transport times.
  • Type of Vehicle: Larger or specialty vehicles may take longer to transport than standard passenger vehicles.

The timing of auto transport is different from a bus schedule. This is because it involves a completely different process. To make auto transport cost-effective, the carrier must have a full truckload with cars traveling in the same direction. The carrier doesn't travel from one city to another, but it does not go from one hub to another. Every truck schedule serves a different customer, so the timing of each run will differ from the previous. Weather and traffic can change from one season to the next. Your driver's hours behind the wheel are limited.

Factors that Affect Estimates:

  • Distance: The distance of the transport will have the biggest impact on the estimate.
  • Route: Different routes can have different costs associated with them.
  • Type of Transport: Open-air transport is typically less expensive than enclosed transport.
  • Type of Vehicle: Larger or specialty vehicles will have higher transport costs than standard passenger vehicles.
  • Additional services: Additional services such as expedited transport or door-to-door service will increase the estimate.

Drivers will usually give estimates of pick-up and delivery times, not exact dates and times. This is an estimate. It is impossible to predict the exact timing of pick-up and delivery, nor manage it en route. Therefore, it is reasonable to allow for some wiggle room in your estimates. A transport may take 7-10 days to travel from coast to coast. However, it is possible to complete a trip in less or a longer time. Your carrier's estimate of the timing at the time you book is not an exact prediction, but only a best guess.

While we understand it can be difficult to plan around a "best guess", it is possible to prepare for a window of time rather than a certain time. Many customers who use auto transport must enlist the help of a friend or family member. You may need to be absent from work for a few days to meet your driver since drivers work Monday through Friday. You will be given an estimate by your driver for when he arrives. Although he doesn't wish to cause any inconvenience, he will give you an estimate for his arrival.

We are available to answer any questions you may have about timing auto transport.