Posted on 04/25/22

What Do You Need To Know About Open Carrier Car Shipping

What Do You Need To Know About Open Carrier Car Shipping

You are likely to make your car one of the most important investments. Therefore, you want it to be safe in transit. An enclosed carrier is a good option if your car needs to be shipped to another city, state or country. An enclosed carrier can be expensive and slow, but it is often very effective.

Although there are some situations in which an enclosed carrier may be preferable, most of the time, open carrier car shipping works just as well or better.

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What Is Open Carrier Car Shipping

An open carrier, as the name implies, is a trailer without any exterior walls. This means your car will be exposed to the elements such as rain, dirt, and ice. It is considered unsafe. However, this is not always true.

Why you should consider an open carrier

Open carriers are the most popular transportation option for auto shipping companies and they have good reasons.

It's a very efficient affordable auto transport option. Because of the way that carriers are constructed, carriers can ship multiple vehicles at once. This allows the company to save both fuel and time, which helps keep rates low.

An open carrier can accommodate different car types, regardless of their weight or model. This makes it easier for companies to fulfill your order. If you have a tight deadline and need your car shipped quickly, an open carrier will help you get there faster.

It can also be viewed as an advantage that the trailer does not have exterior walls. This will make it easier to inspect the vehicles and ensure they are in good shape.

But is it safe?

This is the most common question our customers ask when we recommend an open carrier to transport their car.

The short answer is that open carriers are safe.

Your car will be exposed to dirt and grime, but it is no worse than if you were driving it yourself. The trailers aren't enclosed but have strong metal bars that prevent hard objects like rocks from damaging your car.

The trailer will secure your vehicle with various locking mechanisms and chains. The drivers are also experienced in shipping vehicles and will ensure that cargo is secure.

Move car offers extensive coverage plans to provide additional security. You can be sure that your vehicle will be covered if it is damaged in transit.

Why You Might Need enclosed Carrier Shipping

There are times when an enclosed carrier is more practical. An enclosed carrier is the best choice if you are shipping a luxury vehicle, collection vehicle, or antique. This shipping option is still significantly cheaper than the vehicle's value.

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