Posted on 01/20/22

How To Save Money On Shipping A Car

How To Save Money On Shipping A Car

Saving money is something everyone loves. Saving money is great, whether you are just shopping at the grocery or buying designer clothes or tickets for travel. It's no surprise that many people want to reduce the cost of shipping a vehicle. Wouldn't you?

Saving money is not always easy. Sometimes you have to just pay the rate and that's all you can do to get the services you need. Most of the time, however, you can save at least some money.

This blog post will discuss some of the main ways customers can save money on shipping cars. We will also discuss some myths and show how customers believe they can save money. However, it does not always work out the way that they expect.

Keep reading to learn how Move Car can help you save money on shipping your car.

Is it possible to save money on shipping a car?

You can, believe it or not! It's possible to transport your car, even though it is more expensive (save 50% if you buy two) and more affordable (if you do these three things you can save some money),

Transporting a vehicle is very different from buying something at Macy's. Or you can shop on Amazon. It's quite a distance from Amazon shopping. First, auto transport services cannot be ordered on-demand. You must book your shipment, wait for a schedule, then be available for pickup or delivery. It's more complicated than other online shopping.

There are many ways to save money on shipping your car. There are many ways to save money on shipping a car. These may not apply to your shipment, but there is usually at least something.

Let's not forget to mention that these savings are only a small part of overall costs. Discounts can save you between $25 and 75. Standing by shipping can save you hundreds of dollars, but it takes a lot more time. There are some caveats to the tips, tricks, and information in this blog. However, this doesn't mean you can't save your money.

Pick up and deliver to the most popular locations

It is a great way to save money on shipping your car. You don't have much control over it. You have more control than when you need to ship your vehicle. That's irrelevant.

Shippers, i.e. truck drivers, love to use popular routes in the auto transport industry. These routes run from, to, and through large cities throughout the country. We mean major metropolitan areas. Think Los Angeles, San Diego, and Dallas. Atlanta, New York, and Miami are all examples. These areas are so popular because they are full of people. There are more carriers available to shiploads if there are more people in an area.

This can be a significant problem for customers who have pick-ups or deliveries far from the main road. It can also make shipping more costly. Rural areas are more expensive for carriers that pick up and deliver customers. Transporters' day-to-day expenses include fuel, maintenance, and travel time. The more money they spend on fuel to get to their vehicle, the higher it will cost.

You can save hundreds of dollars by moving your pickup and delivery location from the mountains to a major metropolitan area. While it may be more expensive to fuel, you don't need to purchase $300-500 worth of diesel at each stop.

Flexibility is key when it comes to shipping

The car shipping industry has a seasonal nature. What does this all mean? It's something we have discussed before. The summer season is busy and the winter is quiet. Prices tend to rise along most routes in the summer months. Carriers can choose to ship the highest-paying loads because there is more demand. These are the ones that arrive on time and those that take longer to move to end up waiting.

You can save money by moving your shipping time to winter or fall depending on the route. Prices will fall on most routes, except for those that are subject to severe weather, like the Great Lakes.

This is not always possible. Shipping when it's necessary is a given. Nothing can stop you from doing so. Well, that's true. You'll have to pay for the cost of moving your car. If you're able to wait, you might be able to change the season your car is shipped in.

Talk about saving money by waiting...

Shipping services available on standby

If you don't have the time or desire to transport your vehicle yourself, standby auto transport companies can help you save money. Most people move their cars as quickly as possible. It doesn't really matter if you are moving or selling your car. Car transport services are needed by most people immediately.

Standby shipping can be a great option for many people. Standing by is when you pay a lower rate than the current going rate for your purpose. This is a way to find a carrier who doesn't necessarily need your vehicle to make a profit, but it's better than having an empty truck. Carriers in this situation will gladly accept lower-paying loads, as it's just more money.

Carriers might accept loads at a lower rate for many reasons. They exist and standby may be an option if you don't need to ship immediately.

This is especially true during the summer when prices are at their highest. You don't have to move it immediately. You can opt for standby shipping, and wait until the right time. Many cars that are listed low around Labor Day end up being picked up because there isn't as much freight.

Standby shipping is something you should consider if you are interested.

Look for discounts!

Discounts are the best trick in the book! Many car transporters offer discounts to customers in order to save money on shipping. It is up to the customer to ask what discounts they offer.

The military discount is the most popular discount. Nearly every shipping company that you can book offers discounts for military personnel. some only for active and retired members. Many companies will also offer discounts for combat veterans. However, many will include it in their overall military discount.

Senior citizen discounts, returning customers discounts, and student discounts are all popular discounts. Senior citizen discounts are for older persons who want to ship. These discounts are usually higher than other discounts, as many seniors are on fixed incomes. A student ID is also an option if you are moving to college.

Customers who have shipped with the company previously are not eligible for return customer discounts. These discounts are quite common, but you must be a returning customer in order to apply.

These discounts are also available for mechanical shops and dealerships that ship cars frequently. Some companies offer fleet shipping, but not all. Multi-car discounts are also popular.

There are many possibilities for discounts. Always ask the representative by phone for details about any discounts offered by their company.

Move Car is a great way to save money on shipping your car

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