Posted on 02/22/22

Enjoy American Cuisines While On A Road Trip

Enjoy American Cuisines While On A Road Trip

The United States is known for being the melting pot of American culture. It is well-known for its diversity of people, cultures, and foods. The United States celebrates the same holidays and traditions, but American cuisines vary from one region to the next. Even though you might be American and have been raised celebrating American culture, there are many American cuisines that can be enjoyed in different regions.

Northeastern United States
Because of its proximity to the seaports, most Northeastern states are well-known for their seafood and dairy products. Most Northeastern foods are baked, steamed, or stewed, and only a few spices are used. The most popular dishes from this region are the lobster roll, hamburger, baked beans, steak tips and clam chowder, cakes, and oysters, as well as the Italian sandwich, which includes a variety of cheeses, pickles, and ham.

Midwestern United States
The breadbasket of the country is the midwest, which is why it is well-known for its carbs. Many American cuisines include wheat, soy, and corn. Many of these ingredients are locally grown and produced in the region. You can find a variety of staple dishes like turkey with cranberry sauce, wild rice, bratwurst, sauerkraut, potatoes, casseroles, and apple pie.

Southern United States
Southern cooking is often called "comfort food". These dishes are typically fried, richer and heavier. You can either grill or fry meat. You can find a variety of staple dishes like chicken or pork with corn, peas, rice, collard greens, and cornbread.

Western United States
Many of the most popular dishes are now inspired by Mexican cuisine. These regions are home to a wide variety of meats, beans, rice, and avocados. Wraps, burritos, and tacos are some of the most popular dishes. Popular salads include Asian Chicken, Cobb, and Greek Salads. Salmon is a popular fish in the Northwest region, as many people live along the coast.

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