Posted on 12/20/21

How To Ship A Gifted Vehicle For The Holidays

How To Ship A Gifted Vehicle For The Holidays

Many of us dream of opening the front door to see a new car with a red bow. Although it's fun to visualize, few people ever realize their dream. Fewer people realize that every vehicle they receive is a gift from someone else.

It's difficult to know where to start when you want to gift a car for the holidays. This is the last step. You can find all the information in this post.

Consider first if a car really is the right gift

People have strong opinions about what cars they drive. Your idea of an incredible car may not be the one your loved one would choose. Don't buy someone a car just because they want it. You need to understand their needs and what they desire in a car.

If your dad has dreamed of owning a 1968 Camaro since childhood and has the space and time to do so, then start looking locally for auto transport options. Surprise visits to local used car dealerships might make a better gift.

Another thing to think about is the financial situation of your recipient. When you think of a free car, it sounds amazing, but there are obligations such as gas and insurance. You may have to pay sales tax if the giftee is not from your immediate family. This could add up if they are buying a new or older car. Perhaps it makes more sense to give a large check and place it in your stocking so that they can find a car that suits their needs.

If you are thinking about buying a car to gift your spouse, consider that they may not appreciate a monthly payment. No matter how romantic the package, debt is not romantic.

Are you still tempted to gift a car wrapped in ribbons this holiday season For some practical advice, read on?

Give the gift of your old car

Sometimes, it's not about giving a gift of a car as a holiday gift. It doesn't matter if you don't drive your car and there is someone you love. Putting that bow on the car should be an easy decision. However, you should ensure that all your ducks are in order before handing over the keys.

Find your car's title. Double-check to make sure there aren't any liens and you're the sole owner. You will need to have someone sign off on your gift if you share ownership of the vehicle. Before you can gift it, make sure you have satisfied any lien holders. Are you having trouble finding your title? A replacement will be issued by the DMV.

Do you plan to gift your vehicle to someone who lives in another state? To give your vehicle as a gift, contact the DMV of that state. If you are not going to be driving the car to the giftee's place, this is a great time to look into auto transport.

You want your recipient to be able to drive the car immediately. Make sure you have valid insurance that won't expire during the holidays. Your insurance will suffice for a few days, but the recipient will need their own insurance.

Next, you will need to sit down with your title, grab your license, check the odometer and complete the transfer section at the back. You can write "gift" in the place where the transfer section asks you for a price. Make sure to sign it! The transfer will not be valid if you don't sign it! You might need to take additional steps because title transfer procedures differ by state. It is possible that a vintage or historic car passes inspection in one state but fails in another.

Your recipient will then need to show proof of insurance at the DMV in their state before they can register the vehicle and obtain a new title.

Give the gift of a brand new car

It is easiest to gift a loved one, usually a spouse or child, a car for the holidays by purchasing the car under your name and adding their name to it. You can add them to the vehicle as co-owner in most states. You can then sign all paperwork and insure your vehicle without them being present.

Let's suppose you are buying a car for someone special, but not a relative. This is where things get complicated. It is almost impossible to transfer a vehicle under someone else's name, even if they pay cash. It will be difficult to insure that vehicle because insurance companies will not often write policies for people who have no ownership interest in the car. You can buy the vehicle in your name, then transfer the title to your giftee once they have purchased their own insurance policy. Keep in mind that they could be subject to taxes if they are not close relatives. Here's how it works:

Financing a Gifted Vehicle

You can finance a car that you are giving as a gift. If the recipient is your spouse, or you are buying the car in your name, the short answer is yes. If the finance and insurance manager that you are dealing with is feeling extra helpful, it will make things easier. It's important to let them know that you are trying to purchase a car for your spouse during the holidays. If your credit isn't sufficient to finance your purchase, they will be able to tell you what your state's DMV rules are.

Sometimes, a dealership will allow the buyer to sign after the car is delivered. This is dependent on how friendly the finance and insurance manager feels. To get an idea of whether the dealership will let you finance a gift car without the recipient having to sign, it's a good idea.

Insurance for a gifted vehicle

Insuring a car you are buying for your spouse or child should be simple. To avoid spoiling the surprise, add the car to your policy. If your recipient is a boyfriend/girlfriend, it may be more difficult to secure the beautiful new car with big red bow. Although the vehicle may be eligible for temporary insurance through the dealership the policy could be quite expensive.

Your current car insurance policy might have a clause that provides automatic coverage for you if you purchase an additional vehicle. To continue coverage, you will need to add the vehicle on your policy. However, the goal is for the giftee to have their own auto insurance by the end two weeks. If in doubt, contact your agent. Agents will help you determine the best way to insure surprise vehicles.

Shipping a gift car

Auto transport is a must if your giftee is far away from you or you are buying a car directly from an overseas seller. The auto transport industry works so well because of smart car shipping who coordinate the timing of deliveries to and from cities and towns across the country. Although the overall volume of shipments between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas is stable, deliveries speed up from the New Year onwards because truck drivers are entitled to time off. The number of snowbirds looking for auto transport increases, resulting in a backlog.

This is a crucial point that we cannot emphasize enough: If you want your surprise car to arrive in time for the holidays then book your auto transport as soon as possible. You can arrange for a drop-off earlier than usual (preferably in December before the rush), and you can store the gift in a friend’s garage. It is a good idea to store your gift in a friend's garage for two weeks before the holiday season. Three weeks is even better. This will allow you plenty of time to search for and purchase one of those large red bows and will ensure that you don't worry about whether your gift will arrive on time. You can also give your giftee a present earlier. Who doesn't love a holiday gift that arrives early?

Are you willing to pay more for shipping a car during the holidays? Maybe! There will be fewer working carriers as truckers fill up their trucks and head home to spend time with loved ones. Ask your representative at an auto transport company if they have policies that address major holidays. You may be able to get more information from your representative about holiday fluctuations and how they will affect your shipment so that you can plan accordingly.

What's the bottom line? It can be difficult to show someone you care about them a car during the holidays. But if it is the right choice, watching their eyes light up when they see their new car will be a wonderful feeling. You can even ship a car if you are giving this gift. You can give yourself plenty of time to coordinate shipping the car. It is possible for your gift to arrive too early. However, it is better than none at all.