Posted on 04/27/22

Eight States People Are Moving To Florida

Eight States People Are Moving To Florida

As people moved to areas with better weather and lower taxes, the trend that began decades ago has continued to grow. Florida was the most fortunate state.+

Florida was the nation's leader in "net domestic migration", which is the difference between residents who moved to Florida from those who went to other states. According to the U.S. Bureau, Florida had 220,890 residents by 2021. Texas was next at 170,307, and Arizona followed at 93,026.

From where do those who move to Florida originate? Floridians are not surprised that Florida is the top state. According to federal data, thousands of people made the journey from New York City to Florida in the late 1800s. This is a long-standing tradition.

Other states have also sent remarkable numbers of people to Florida.

Florida: People Moving to Florida

Census bureau data shows exactly from where people come when they move to Florida. These are not net domestic migration numbers. They show the total number who moved to Florida from one state.

New York

In 2019, a staggering 57,488 people moved from New York City to Florida. Since the beginning of the 20th century, there has been a New York to Florida pipeline. New Yorkers are looking for better weather, lower taxes, and a more business-friendly environment. In recent years, Florida has surpassed New York to become the third-most populous state in America.


More people are moving to Florida from Florida's north neighbor. 49,681 people moved from Georgia to Florida in 2019. Many people seek to avoid high Georgia state income taxes and take advantage of the many job opportunities available in major cities like Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando. Florida is a short drive from George.


A cold-weather state in northeastern Pennsylvania is another source of domestic migrants who are moving to Florida. There have been 34,965 of them. Many Pennsylvanians seek to avoid harsh winter weather and higher taxes, just like New Yorkers. Pennsylvania, the fifth-largest state in America, has seen a decline in its population over recent years.


30335 people in Ohio made the decision to move to Florida. Another popular route from Ohio to Florida is the Ohio-to Florida route. Many Midwesterners have chosen to move to the Sunshine State because of its warmer climate. The most well-known move between the two states is from Columbus and Tampa.


According to Census data, 28628 people moved from California to Florida. This makes it the state that has lost the fifth most people to Florida. Although it is a lengthy move, Californians who want to live in a warm climate without high taxes will find Florida suits their needs.

New Jersey

Many neighborhoods in South Florida are made up of residents from New York and New Jersey. 28222 people moved from New Jersey to Florida in 2019, for the same reasons that people leave New York City: weather, taxes, and more affordable housing. Also, it is much cheaper to live there.

North Carolina

People in North Carolina can move to Florida, just like Georgia. In 2019, 28,207 people made the move. The most popular route is Los Angeles-Orlando. However, people from North Carolina also love to visit cities like Jacksonville, Tampa and Sarasota.


The Lone Star State is well-known for its ability to attract new residents. However, 26,174 people left Texas to move to Florida. Many people move to Florida because they are similar in their tax structures, housing costs, living expenses, and tax structure.

These eight states were the top senders to Florida in 2019, according to the most recent full-year statistics. These numbers will continue to rise due to Florida's continued rapid growth in 2021.