Posted on 06/02/22

Insider Tips To Ship A Car From New York To Florida

Insider Tips To Ship A Car From New York To Florida

There is an easier way to transport your car from New York City to Florida than driving down the East Coast. It is easy to ship a car from New York City to Florida without having to make a long, tedious road trip.

Top Reasons to Use a Car Shipping Service to Transport Your Cars From New York to Florida

  1. Driving on the New Jersey Turnpike or the I-95 can be dangerous!
  2. If you include hotel costs, gas, and food, shipping a car from New York to Florida will cost approximately the same as a road trip.
  3. You can ship your car door-to-door!
  4. Professional drivers are better than most of us drivers!
  5. Move Car Auto Transport offers a fully insured and damage-free shipping service from NY to FL.

Now that we have covered some of the main reasons people ship their cars from New York City to Florida, let's talk about the best tips to help you make it happen.

Insider Tips to Ship a Car From New York To Florida

Tip#1 - Be Honest About Your Details. Getting a price quote for your car shipping from Florida to New York is the first step in booking auto transport. You'll need to confirm that the auto transport company is available and know how much shipping your vehicle to Florida will cost. You should be completely transparent about the details of your car shipping. To give you an accurate price for your car shipping, your auto transport company will need all details.

Check the state of your vehicle. If it's not in operation, we can ship it. However, it may require special equipment to load and unload it.

Your vehicle's size - Large SUVs and trucks may require a different type of carrier. These details should be provided when you request a New York to Florida car shipping quote.

Your timeline Rush orders or tight deadlines may also affect your car shipping cost. Be sure to inform your auto transport partner.

The type of your car - If you have a luxury sports car, that needs to be protected from the elements or should be kept in a temperature-controlled environment, an enclosed carrier may be required. An open carrier is the best option if the car you're shipping is not too large.

Choose the level of convenience that you want. It's easy to drop off your car at one of our convenient shipping centers before it is shipped from New York to Florida. However, if you require door-to-door delivery, this option is available. However, it may affect the price a little.

Tip#2 - Be flexible with your dates. Shipping from New York to Florida is expensive because of the peak season. Prices for shipping a car from New York to Florida rise when snowbirds make their annual trip from the Northeast to various home-away-from homes in Florida. You can save significant cash if you are flexible and can avoid these time frames.

Tip #3: Choose Carefully when choosing your NY to FL auto transport choice. You shouldn't just trust anyone with your car. To ensure your vehicle is safe from NYC to Miami, or any other route you may have in mind, make sure to thoroughly vet the New York to Florida auto transporter. Move Car Auto Transport is the market leader in auto shipping services and offers these benefits to its customers:

  1. The Better Business Bureau has awarded an A+ rating
  2. All car shipments are covered by a world-class insurance
  3. The largest and most rigorously-vetted network for carriers
  4. Guaranteed to be free from any damage
  5. Current customers rate 5-star online reviews
  6. Accreditation with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Start your New York to Florida car shipment planning today with an online quotation